Saturday, May 27, 2006

Return of the MJ

I was finishing up Little Man's super funky ear flap hat the other day (it was a super fast knit, love that) (and also, huge on him! but at least it will last more than a week) and DH walks past and says 'see, that's why you need to make me another jumper, you finish things too fast'.

Pardon me?

Do we remember the saga of the Monster Jumper? Aye aye aye.

And so begins the Big Search for what will hopefully not turn into Monster Jumper version 2. And I confess that I uh.... don't like the current Monster Jumper. It's grown too much (damn that horizontal rib) and pilled like a... horrible pilling jumper. In fact I don't like it so much that DH is not allowed to wear it outside the house. So I REALLY don't want this jumper to turn into a housebound jumper. Years ago I knit this (looking crumpled) from Rowan magazine 23. Let me tell you, knitting a jumper in 4ply cotton for a 6'5" man is damn hard work. Especially when you have to read a chart.

I was thinking Leo... can you say sucker for punishment.

Aye aye aye. Any suggestions?

I had a brainwave the other day while walking past my stash. I saw this ball that I had dyed and thought 'hey that would look great if I could incorporate it into the quilt, a la six and a half stitches. So this bit of Jaywalker is going smack bang in the middle of it. I'm hoping it works a treat, if it doesn't then I'm sure I'll find some use for it. Look at those stripes! Pretty darn good for a bit of kool-aid dyeing!

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Bear comes of age

Well, here we are, my 100th post! Never thought I'd get to 100 but I have taking to blogging like the proverbial duck and it's favoured liquid. I have 'met' so many fantastic ladies, been inspired by so many talented people - thanks everyone, it's been amazing! I think blogging has made me procastinate less about finishing, which has been a big step forward for me, and also encouraged me to open my mind to so many other crafts that I had previously dismissed as country twee, quilting being the big one - and here I am making one! No bears or flowers on my quilt - it's all about modern lines and bright colours. It's coming along a treat, pics to come soon.

So here are the promised pics of the Wee Bunny and apron I made for Little Man the other day.

Wee Bunny has been fixed up now and back with it's rightful owner (and wasn't he pleased about that!)

I love this back fabric, a cool retro surfer print. Got it cheap from Spotlight ages ago.

And here is the apron. Rather large on him but atleast it will last for a while.

Lovin' those flames on the pocket.

In knitting news, I've started on a Ear Flap Hat for Little Man, in Rustic by Panda. I got it ages ago from Spotlight super cheap, I think it will be good for a kids hat that will more than likely end up dragged through a bush/mud/puddle so at least I should be able to chuck it in the wash.
The Big B is still in disgrace. I suspect it's laughing at me as we speak.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Driven to sewing

Yes it has gotten to that. Today I sat at the sewing machine and did actual sewing type activities (I say 'type' activities as my sewing can hardly be classified as something useful).
So what has driven me to the sewing machine? Butter-$^&*%!ING-fly. See, I can only talk about it using expletives.

I thought I could continue on it. I thought, the chart is easier than the frill, it should be ok. Lets just talk about the chart. It would be fine if I was, say, an ANT as I think I might need the Hubble telescope to read it. I know, I can get it photocopied bigger, but I am far to lazy to go finding somewhere to do that so I would rather complain about it instead.

I thought, heh I can memorise that chart, it's pretty easy....

So how come I get to the end of the 4th row in the repeat and end up with 2 more sts than I started with?

I perservered, frogged it AGAIN (again with the frogging of the mohair, I know I bring it on myself. It's not like I don't have ample experience in that arena) picked up the 71 sts AGAIN got to the fourth row AGAIN. So that's where we sit. I am too scared to count it to see if I have those extraneous sts on the needles. It's hiding in the yarn room (oh how I wish I had enough to fill a room) (well, I do but it's for customers, not me) (sob). I'm pretending it's not there.

So, the sewing. The other day I went to the quilt store (a store that I previously only visited as they also have a small selection of (crap) yarn and needles in hard to get sizes. How strange was it to be in a quilt store for actual quilting materials!) Anyway, I got the backing and the batting for the quilt. Oh, and the other day when I was at Ikea (second favourite place to visit, yarn stores being the first of course) I got some fab fabric to put on the quilt (fourth one along in the pic). So, the backing is all washed, drying on the line so I hope to start on that this weekend. Today's sewing was the Wee-Bunny from Hillary (which looked fab... for about 5 mins until Little Man took it out into the dirt. And now I have to resew it as the base is coming apart) (I did tell you I am CRAP at sewing). And also made an apron for Little Man to paint in, just made it up as I went along. It came out a treat. I hope to get some pics tomorrow in the daylight.

And where does this leave me with the knitting? Well, I'm thinking either an Ear Flap Hat for Little Man (we are visiting inland NSW next month so pretty darn cold) or Drake the Dreaded. I'm leaning towards the hat, just cause I don't think I could do the hard pattern thing now after all the grief with the 'garment who shall not be named' (unless there's a swear word involved.)

On a baby note (no not me), congrats to Sharon on her newest creation! I'm sure there will be lots more news and pics from her when she has a second to stop.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My brain might fry

I think I might frog Butterfly.
I have finished DH's socks, but what to do next.
Man, that Butterfly sure did take a while.
Maybe I should do a bag and felt it.
Hey, what's that? Oh yeah I already am. French Market 'knit for eternity, and then knit some more' Bag.
And you know Butterfly, did I mention I did the bottom fringe section 4 TIMES.
Hmm, maybe something else in Crack Silk Haze.
But there is such a pretty shawl in Rowan 38.
Oh hang on, I don't do shawls
Or maybe a sock? Nah, over the socks for the minute.
Maybe I should keep going with Butterfly.
Maybe I am slightly mental.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hold everything

IK summer issue is here. Must be some kind of record to get it here before it's even on newsstands in the States.
Off to go check it out, had a quick flick, was not over-awed. Will have to look closer.

And thanks to everyone for their lovely comments on Starsky! I wore it today without the belt and a wooden bar thingy through it, I think I liked it better than the belt.

I'm down to the foot part of DH's last sock, which means almost to nothing on the needles again (except for Butterfly, but we don't talk about that here) (and I'm thinking I might frog it cause I don't know if I'll wear it. I know I'm mad). I have to find something to work on next and fast before I whip myself into a 'too many patterns to choose from' stupor. Damn the internet and it's MANY free patterns.

Be back soon with IK thoughts.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Morning, Charlie

Not quite Farrah but close enough...

Pattern courtesy of Jordana Paige, the lovely Starsky from Knitty.
Yarn courtesy of Cleckheaton (! I KNOW!!), Merino Supreme.
Water pistol courtesy of Little Man.
Morris Mini Panel Van courtesy of DH (although he likes to tell me it's mine so when he spends money on it he can say 'but I'm spending money on YOUR car...)
Cinematography also courtesy of DH.

I loved knitting this, it was very fun. The chart was great to read and went fast. All that is left is the belt loops, I'm almost thinking I might leave them off so I can close it with a wooden bar brooch thingy if I feel like it.

In other FO news, here's Little Man's jumper. Made (almost) from scratch, as I spun, dyed and knitted the yarn.
Shearing the sheep may be next on the list (although seeing how FILTHY sheep are, maybe not).

As usual, Little Man is moving like a speeding bullet about the place and thus, hard to get a clear pic of.

So as you can see this week has been FLAT OUT here at Bear central. On top of all this my mum has been visiting, so we have been kept busy going out, shopping, running round the park with Little Man, all those 'nana is visiting' type activities.
Oh and I got this fab cookbook, I would seriously have bought it for the cover alone, but as a bonus it full of scrumptious recipes. Off to curl up on the couch with it now.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I want to lie in it...

...but alas I have to sell it. Handmaiden by Fleece Artist is here and it's in store now. Go check it out while I go and fondle pack it all away safely.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bad Blogger

For once I'm not talking about the program, I'm talking about me. I have been bad for not blogging. And slack. (the slack part will continue throughout this post due to the lack of pictures. But I will try to fix the bad part).

So what has been a-going on? Well. Starsky, knitting on the collar, after that it's attach the sleeves time and knit some belt loops and viola, finished. I can't wait to have it finished, I'm hoping it will go with the new clothes I bought recently - SUCH a rare occurrence for me. I am really particular about clothes that I get to a point where I have been shopping for hours, bought nothing so will just go and buy some cheap thing from K-Mart just so I can say I bought something. So then I have a wardrobe full of cheap crap that stretches and looks bad and sends me off to the shops again to repeat the whole shopping performance. Does anyone else have the same clothing anxieties? It's not like I can't find things to fit, let's be honest being a size 10 it's pretty easy to find things, but I get to the store and have a meltdown, forget what's already in my wardrobe, worry that what I want to buy won't match what I already have (and usually doesn't). It's all too hard, much like the LYS issues I have about too much choice. Lately I have been buying Shop till you Drop (well, I have been buying it since it's first issue but lately I have been buying it and PAYING ATTENTION to how they are putting clothes together) and trying to remember what might go with what. I envy those girls that effortlessly sling on some clothes and look amazing, pronouncing 'oh I just found it at an op shop'.

Anyway, where was I... oh yes this is a knitting blog huh...

So, Starsky may be a wardrobe plus for me (oh please please please let it be). Also on the needles is my handspun and dyed from a few posts back, it's being whipped up into Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater, and I have caved and stayed with the v neck. I got all fluttery and worried about how I would do the shaping (make it a scoop neck rather than a v) so the V it is. I do love the v, I guess the only reason I wanted to try a scoop instead was to have a different looking jumper than when I knitted it last but let me tell you the handspun is making it look WAY different than it did last time. I'm almost done on it, I love how fast this knits up, just about 1/2 inch left on the rub at the bottom, the sleeves to finish and the neck ribbing. Super quick, I hope to have it done by the weekend.

Onto the DH socks, I am one down one to go. Hoping to avoid SSS, I need to cast on for the second sock ASAP, I think when I'm done with Little Man's jumper I'll get onto it. Also means I can delay picking up Butterfly again... is it possible to be afraid of a knitting project, cause you know I kinda am. It's like that Crack Silk Haze taunts me everytime I go near it, 'you're not good enough for us you know... you keep faffing about, putting off finishing us, but I know the real reason. You're afraid of our soft, slippery goodness. You know we can fall off those needles quicker than you can think it. heh heh heh....' evil Crack.