Sunday, October 16, 2005

Give me an A!

It's done! Wendy's Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater for Little Man is done!
It's big on him which is great - by the time he gets to wear it next year (a bit earlier than usual when we are in Europe in March) it will fit him perfectly. It was done in 3 and a bit balls of Katia Diana (50% acrylic/19% polymide/18% rayon and 13% angora) and was a super quick knit. It was my first top down and I LOVED that. As mentioned before I HATE WITH A PASSION seaming/finishing/weaving/anything to do with a needle and thread, so having to do a minimum of that suits me down to the ground. Still gotta find a letter to go on the front, I checked out Lincraft the other day but as usual they had diddly squat in the way of anything useful.
Sorry about the blur in the blue jumper - trying to get a toddler to stand still for more than 2 seconds is like asking a bear to do it's business elsewhere.

Also sorry for the HUGE pics, damn blogger is not playing today.

I'm hoping to get to spinning class tomorrow. It will be my first time, but also my last for a few weeks as next Monday I'm off to Melbourne for a couple of weeks of sitting in the Flemington carpark looking at horses on TV screens (and hopefully with a day off to check out Melbourne LYSs!! Suggestions people! I have no clue what you guys have down there). And then this Saturday is a Knitting morning and I'm really hoping I can get to that too.

So now I can get back to the neglected Opal socks and hopefully finish them off before I go away (or maybe I could take them down there. Hmmm, what to do next. You know me and my End Of Project Confusion...)


Blogger Rachael said...

How cute is that? Oh the jumper too... Even if you don't get a letter it looks good. I hear the place to go down south is Marta's Yarns. Lots of hand dyed, spun stuff.
(the word veri-thingy is saying "iwonplop" HA!)

1:45 pm

Anonymous Donyale said...

Looks great!

6:22 pm

Blogger celia said...

Oh my, that is a cute little boy! The jumper is cute too, made cuter by the kid in it!

See you tomorrow!


10:34 pm

Blogger Secret Pal said...

The sweater looks great and Little Man is so cute!
I put my second package for you in the mail last week - hope you get it soon!

2:10 am

Blogger Wendy said...


10:04 am

Blogger Beak-Knits said...

What great colors! He looks pretty pleased with it too.

10:27 am

Blogger Donna Boucher said...

What a beauty! The sweater and the little boy :o)

10:33 am

Blogger goodkarma said...

Oh my goodness, that turned out so cute! And your Little Man is just adorable. Sweet!

11:48 am

Anonymous Rachel said...

Oh it's soooooo cute! You did an awesome job and the colors are great!! And "little Man" is a cutie pie!

1:16 pm

Anonymous Laura said...

I really like the sweater, especially the colors. Now that I see your version, I'm thinking how great it would look on my own "Little Man".

2:29 pm

Blogger uglyagnes said...

wow, that looks great~ i like the colors you chose!

11:45 pm

Blogger Bear Knits said...

Good job on the sweater! I like the colors you picked out. I may have to make some for my Girlfriend and Little Man, too.

11:51 pm

Anonymous Sarah said...

Oh my what good colors you chose! It came out positively perfect and he looks adorable in it, jummping up and down and all!

2:14 am


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