Monday, August 15, 2005

I *heart* socks

Socks rule. Yesterday I finally got around to making Little Man some socks. I wanted to make some out of the handspun angora that I got from Nundle Woolen Mills so his feet wouldn't freeze off at night (we've had a few coldies here lately).
So armed with my pattern, and my first attempt at using DPNS (I tell you, whoever thought up those little babies must have been smoking crack at the time) I set off in a Sock Making Frenzy. Now this was the first completed sock I had made, since the other socks I have been working on (the lovely Go With the Flow socks from Summer IK) were bring done on scrap yarn to see if I could actually do it and I ran out of scrap yarn when I got to the heel shaping, which was a bit pointless. But I digress.

So knitting, knitting, calling out to DH to come and get Little Man before I poke him in the eye with the DPNs as he tries to climb on me, knitting... you get the picture.

And voila! Here is the finished product. They are not quite right, but for a first attempt I am totally chuffed. After the first one was done I kept running over to DH to show him with a big beaming smile on my face. He thinks I'm totally looney, but was very proud!


Blogger Donna said...

Well done! :)

Random Knits

10:35 am

Blogger Annie said...

Nice little socks and they look so warm and soft.

11:07 am

Blogger Rachael said...

I love the socks, I just purchased a pattern, the DPN's and some opal sock yarn to make my first pair. I am scared of them, the bundle is sitting in it's bag in the lounge just staring at me..

2:20 pm

Blogger Rachael said...

which pattern did you use for those cute socks? (I forgot to ask last time!)

2:22 pm

Blogger Taryn said...

go for it! it's not as hard as you think. the pattern is from and when i had trouble i went to and followed the inistructions there. once i had done the heel turning once i was fine! it's too much fun

5:28 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Ooooooohhh, Taryn, how gorgeous!!! Sooooo cute!! DPN's aren't that bad when you get used to them, I find it's the starting that's hardest. In fact, for me the hardest thing is probably keeping track of them al, making usre the boy hasn't run off with any......
Well done!!

8:34 am


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