Monday, November 28, 2005

You know you want to

Join the Sexy Knitters Club that is!

Because one cannot be in enough KALs.
So lets cast off those grandma knitter stereotypes and be proud to be a sexy knitter!

Join here

Friday, November 25, 2005

This man is (not) a dentist

So we can't show you his face on blogs, morning DH!

(for those of you who don't remember this ad, see here)
This is my first knitted article made from my very own handspun! How cool is it that I can say 'I not only knitted this but SPUN it too!' Ahhh, it's the little things.

Next up I might do Bubby although since it is so teeny tiny (more suited to a newborn than my almost 2 year old) I might do it on thicker yarn and see if I can't make it a big bigger.

Also on the to do list, a scarf for my exchange pal. I'm thinking I might make use of the book my fab SP Lu sent. I might have a look through and choose a purty cable pattern and adapt it to a scarf. Ohh clever, watch out kiddies, she's on fire!

More on the (ever growing) to do list, socks for the KAL Alison and I are hosting. If you too are looking forward to a summer of sweating all over your knitting, at least do something less sweat inducing! Come along and join in!
I think I might do Go with the Flow from IK, the 2nd coming. (First attempt: try socks for first time, use scrap yarn, get to the tough bit (heel shaping) promptly run out of yarn. Yes, well.) As to what yarn, I haven't decided, you'd think I would be spoilt for choice (ohh what a crafty plug) but alas it is for looking only, not for using. You can't understand how tempting this is, having it sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME everytime I sit at my computer.

Hope everyone in Sydney is coping with the big wet. How much fun is it keeping toddlers happy inside when they look longingly out the window at the P-A-R-K (cause you know you can't actually SAY the word, you have to spell it) across the road say 'park' ALL DAY LONG.

on the third attempt, she CURSES blogger for it's stupidity and finally gets a post up.
even more blogger stupidity, it seems to have lost my previous post &*(^$@

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sock it to me Summer

Alison and I have started a socks KAL here for us in the southern hemisphere. There is also a yahoo group for those of you that don't have blogs.
Come along and join in the fun!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm a slacker

I have been meaning to post this for almost a week now

These my 2 closest friends and I was honored to be Jo's bridesmaid at her gorgeous wedding last week!
We had a lovely time (yay! no food poisoning!) had some nice chats and ate desserts that looked like goats beard (and darn it, it's too sticky to knit).

Congratulations Jo & Rich! May you have many wonderful years ahead of you.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Spinning Class

I had lots to take for spinning class last night - I was undecided what I wanted to spin, so I was taking the lot

some yummy fiber (corridale and mohair) from the lovely Alison

even more from Alison (some merino and the blue is english leicester and romney)

my own small selection from the large bag of 5kgs merino (complete with dirt and sheep poo. Nice)

And here is how much I got done.

Looks kinda like it hasn't changed from the last time I took a pic eh?

Well that would be because it hasn't. Not one bit.


Well that would be because my DH was stuck down the coast waiting for someone else to drive him home so he could get home in time to look after Little Man so I could go to class. He got home at 7.30, I was meant to be there at 7. It takes half an hour to drive there.

Not happy Jan.

And neither was DH, it wasn't his fault but he felt so bad, bless him. But there is always next week.

As promised here is some photos of the treats that arrived for me this week, lots of it in the pics above (all the fiber from Alison, along with some soap that I didn't take a picture of as it's all gooey in my shower).

These are the Knit Picks sample cards (also from Alison) that I have been pouring over, I LOVE the Andean Treasure, I'd love to do Union Square Market Pullover with it but the gauge is totally different. Also the Elegance is gorgeous, I reckon I could swim in the Ambrosia and the Panache they are so soft, the Shine is divine, I think I want it all. Actually, maybe not all - the Palette is a bit blah. Feh about the colours, it feels a bit harsh too.

Also arriving on my doorstep (in the hands of Celia

How cute are they! My very own Orange Bear stitch markers! (without the fuzz). I love em. Thanks everyone for the lovely gifties!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shameless self promotion

I have been a busy chicky, here's a part of why, the real site will be done soon (oh so cryptic)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

5kgs of fun

Last Thursday (such good timing, right before spinning class) a 5kg bag of fleece landed on my doorstep.

Oh my.

The story goes like this. Friends of ours who we know thru a car club we belong to have a sheep farm. We have known them for at least a couple of years, we see them at events and DH chats to them frequently on the net. Now DH has been watching me spin for a few months now, looking on ebay for fleece, asking around about spinning classes, and did he think to tell me in that time that these friends of ours have a sheep farm? Did he?? Well, what do you reckon?

A week ago, 'oh yeah, such and such have a sheep farm, I'm sure they could get you some wool.....'

Well did I jump on that piece on information like a kid in a candy store (I did have a much funnier and somewhat cruder analogy, but thought I should be civialised). 'why did you never tell me this?' I demanded 'email him' I pleaded.

The outcome? A not at all expected, but very much appreciated big ol' bag of fleece.

So off to spinning class I trot, small sample of dirty fleece in hand, thinking I'll find out how to wash it and I come home with this:

No need to wash now, my teacher said, spin away, she cried. And so I did.

Sorry I took that photo at night, tomorrow I should get out and take it in the sunlight so you can see it better. But it is a lovely colour, and so fine! I very pleased.

The mailman has been nice to me this week, setting lots of nice pressies down on my doorstep. But I will take pictures tomorrow in the daylight to do them all justice.

You will notice that the 5% of Butterfly that I have noted in my sidebar has not changed in a few days. There are 2 very good reasons for that. They would be 'Star Trek' and 'watching while knitting'. I would advise you not to partake in these 2 things at the same time as they may result in a small problem called 'suddenly not enough stitches on the needles and oh my god where did they go don't tell me I have to frog the Kid Silk Haze I think I need a lie down'.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Spoilt rotten

A big thankyou is going out to my fab SP - Lucia (whom I'm guessing is lux2night? did I guess right??) I received a big ol' box this morning full of FAB goodies.

A big skein of kettle dyed merino from malabringo in stone blue
4 balls of hemp yarn (wowee hemp! I've not knitted with hemp before!)
a fab book '100 more afghan squares to knit'
and a gorgeous reindeer book for the Little Man

Thank you SO MUCH for making this a wonderful experience, being my first SP I've thoroughly enjoyed it!

Off to decide what to knit with all the wonderful goodies...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

There are no words





...hide my wallet

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Am I insane?

You know, most people for their first lace project will choose something easy, possibly knit it with a nice sturdy yarn, ease themselves into it.

You should know by now that I am not most people.

I like to chose the hardest lace project I can, knit with yarn that is akin to knitting with furry dental floss and have my child scribble all over the pattern so I have to peer thru the pen markings all over the page to read something akin to a mathematics equation.

Please tell me blocking cures all evils.

I'm in 2 minds about the socks; I could frog but the thought of starting all over sends me a bit crazy. I might just have to lump it and do a different pattern next time.

The lovely spun skein was going to be a beanie for Little Man, but I've decided that I might do a beanie for DH instead. It's not like it's a problem if I run out of yarn, I just spin some more!! I'm going to keep the colour au naturel (I just can't see DH getting about in the acid bright colours Kool-Aid produces) so just got to find a pattern. He likes plain, but I'd really like to do some cables. Maybe I will keep it plain so I can see how the yarn comes up. Can't wait!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

So I couldn't wait

I had to show you the pics of the latest batch of spinning now.

It's not perfect, but I LOVE it. The imperfections are what makes it, arty you see (that's what I'll keep telling myself).

Lucky Lucky Me!

I'm back home (yay! home is the best) (except when you have to clean it when you get back) and I got a lovely surprise in the mail - a stack of Kool-Aid from my lurverly SP. Very exciting cause that means I can dye my next lot of spinning (I couldn't wait, I had to ply it last night at 11pm after I got home). It's looking fabbo, pics to come tomorrow probably. Haven't decided what colour though, maybe turquoise? I'm thinking I might knit a beanie for Little Man out of it, well see how much I end up with.

I have been won over by the GORGEOUSNESS of Butterfly so I gotta get out the Crack Silk Haze (as Ailsa calls it; so, so true.) and get going on it. But I'm a bit afraid, it mentions the C word (that being Crochet *shiver*) and my crocheting skills are just about non existent. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Now I'm back home with my Opal socks pattern I can keep going with them again. I had to stop at where the ribbing stopped cause I couldn't remember where to go next as I had left the pattern at home in Sydney while in Melbourne (well I am blonde you know). I'm not loving them, the heel construction is really odd. It's a different way of doing them and it kinda pulls and looks like it's too small. Hmmm, you know I might have to frog them and start again with a different pattern...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Another year, another Melbourne Cup. And once again I get to view it all a mere 500m from the track... in a stuffy demountable on a tiny monitor.

Every year I chuckle at the behaviour of the patrons at Flemington; they arrive all dollied up, have spent a fortune on the dress/shoes/hat/fake tan (and girls, fake tan that makes you look orange is SO not a good look), and they leave with said shoes in hand, stumbling drunkenly into the wake of oncoming traffic, being held up by their boyfriends who are in a state not dissimilar from their own. Sadly we did not get much of a show this year, everyone seemed very well behaved on their way out the gates, I think owing to the 32 degrees heat they were quaffing water rather than Moet.

So 2 more race days to go, I'm really looking forward to the end so I can get back to my own home, sleep in my own bed, see my doggie, do some spinning, do some knitting (with the patterns I left at home) and generally relax. 3 weeks off till my next job and I'm feeling like I need a break right about now. Next week I'm going to indulge in some girly pursuits in preparation for my close friends wedding which I am a bridesmaid at. A leg wax and a manicure is DEFINITELY in order, I don't think my friend would enjoy amazon woman preceding her down the aisle.

On a sad note, Little Man had his first ouch today - he tripped up the stairs and hit is chin (he's a L plate walker, but will be awarded his P's shortly at the rate he's going). My poor Little Man, but he's a tropper, saying 'chin!' and pointing to it when I got home today.