Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bad Blogger

For once I'm not talking about the program, I'm talking about me. I have been bad for not blogging. And slack. (the slack part will continue throughout this post due to the lack of pictures. But I will try to fix the bad part).

So what has been a-going on? Well. Starsky, knitting on the collar, after that it's attach the sleeves time and knit some belt loops and viola, finished. I can't wait to have it finished, I'm hoping it will go with the new clothes I bought recently - SUCH a rare occurrence for me. I am really particular about clothes that I get to a point where I have been shopping for hours, bought nothing so will just go and buy some cheap thing from K-Mart just so I can say I bought something. So then I have a wardrobe full of cheap crap that stretches and looks bad and sends me off to the shops again to repeat the whole shopping performance. Does anyone else have the same clothing anxieties? It's not like I can't find things to fit, let's be honest being a size 10 it's pretty easy to find things, but I get to the store and have a meltdown, forget what's already in my wardrobe, worry that what I want to buy won't match what I already have (and usually doesn't). It's all too hard, much like the LYS issues I have about too much choice. Lately I have been buying Shop till you Drop (well, I have been buying it since it's first issue but lately I have been buying it and PAYING ATTENTION to how they are putting clothes together) and trying to remember what might go with what. I envy those girls that effortlessly sling on some clothes and look amazing, pronouncing 'oh I just found it at an op shop'.

Anyway, where was I... oh yes this is a knitting blog huh...

So, Starsky may be a wardrobe plus for me (oh please please please let it be). Also on the needles is my handspun and dyed from a few posts back, it's being whipped up into Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater, and I have caved and stayed with the v neck. I got all fluttery and worried about how I would do the shaping (make it a scoop neck rather than a v) so the V it is. I do love the v, I guess the only reason I wanted to try a scoop instead was to have a different looking jumper than when I knitted it last but let me tell you the handspun is making it look WAY different than it did last time. I'm almost done on it, I love how fast this knits up, just about 1/2 inch left on the rub at the bottom, the sleeves to finish and the neck ribbing. Super quick, I hope to have it done by the weekend.

Onto the DH socks, I am one down one to go. Hoping to avoid SSS, I need to cast on for the second sock ASAP, I think when I'm done with Little Man's jumper I'll get onto it. Also means I can delay picking up Butterfly again... is it possible to be afraid of a knitting project, cause you know I kinda am. It's like that Crack Silk Haze taunts me everytime I go near it, 'you're not good enough for us you know... you keep faffing about, putting off finishing us, but I know the real reason. You're afraid of our soft, slippery goodness. You know we can fall off those needles quicker than you can think it. heh heh heh....' evil Crack.


Blogger Meg said...

I hear ya sister, on the shopping front. In fact I never intentionally shop. If I happen to see something I like I buy it. It just so happens that I tend to only see things I like at markets and op shops where the 'that looks halfway decent...ok I'll buy it' risk only costs a fraction of a 'real' store-bought item. I guess you can't wear your crew clothes everywhere so you probably do in fact need to stock on clothing every once in a while - what a drag.

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