Monday, May 15, 2006

Hold everything

IK summer issue is here. Must be some kind of record to get it here before it's even on newsstands in the States.
Off to go check it out, had a quick flick, was not over-awed. Will have to look closer.

And thanks to everyone for their lovely comments on Starsky! I wore it today without the belt and a wooden bar thingy through it, I think I liked it better than the belt.

I'm down to the foot part of DH's last sock, which means almost to nothing on the needles again (except for Butterfly, but we don't talk about that here) (and I'm thinking I might frog it cause I don't know if I'll wear it. I know I'm mad). I have to find something to work on next and fast before I whip myself into a 'too many patterns to choose from' stupor. Damn the internet and it's MANY free patterns.

Be back soon with IK thoughts.


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