Monday, September 25, 2006

Uh, spring?

Yeah we love this 33 degrees weather at the beginning of spring...

Lookie! Rusted Root!

Rusted Root by Zephyr Knit
Yarn: Luxury Soft by Sirdar (splity, but soft).
Satisfying quick knit and lots of fun. Just enough distraction to keep me amused and I could still watch TV while knitting it.

Taken on my new 8 mega pixel SLR digital camera that I got for my belated birthday from my beautiful husband!! It's so much fun, and can I tell you how nice it is to be able to get depth of field from a digital camera. It comes with 2 lenses as well. Me very happy :)

So, next up? Hmmm..... Does it surprise you that I don't know what to knit next? No, didn't think so.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Two posts in two days!

Hold me back!
Just had to put some pics up, show you the goodies..

First up, Rusted Root (again looking pink - it's RED i tell you) - seen here lazing with my new bag that I got from Cirque du Soliel.

And the other side. I love it.

Oh and the other bag I got - I'm a lucky girl :)))

On Sunday we did a yarn swap - this is what I got. Look at those gorgeous colours!! Thanks Sharon! And the book (I have been coveting Yarn Harlot books forever) was from Donni (who now has a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy).

You can see a lack of Leo pics? Well , when I took these photos DH was still at work, so I will have to snap him on the weekend in it (cause it looks like a lump of ribbing when it's not being worn).

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ya the Everlasting Leo is done and dusted. DH is wearing it to work today :)
But you know, I'm still not completely happy with it. The neck is too wide and you can see a couple of places on the front where I have done a purl instead of a knit, realised this about 5 rows down and then gone, 'stuff it, I'm not frogging 5 rows to fix that'. But it is DONE.

So I've started on Rusted Root (there ya go mum, the link just for you!) in the red cotton. Still splitting like a nasty piece of work, but eh I'll live. I've done about an 3 inches, coming along nicely.
Sorry no pics, I'll try and get my act together tomorrow and take some.

I had a very eventful weekend - on Saturday night we took ourselves off to see Cirque du Soliel. Man o man it was incredible. If you have the chance to go and see do so, it will blow you away. I love the intimacy of the tent too - you feel like you are a part of it. Then on Sunday I met up with a bunch of lovely ladies to have High Tea. This is a pretty accurate shot of the lighting situation. Just what you need for knitting.

Oh here we are.

From the left you can see Ailsa, Meg, Sharon, Donna, me and Donni...

WHOA, while getting the link for Donni's blog I saw that she posted about Knitty being up, gotta go check...

omg. omg omg OMG. I don't think I have ever been this much in love with almost every pattern in an issue.


Viveka, Cactus Flower (may have something to do with the fact that it is the EXACT same shaping as my almost a novelty jumper), Serrano, Avast (because you know I just need another mens garment to knit up as I have so much luck with the previous ones...), Sherwood (how cute is that!), oh I HAVE to knit Intolerable Cruelty, too cool for school. If I had lots of patience (bwahaha, I crack myself up) Lizard Ridge. Oh my. I could go on and post every link (hell, I'm almost there) but I won't. And the socks. Shame we are heading for 40 degree sweltering this summer...

And edited to add (because in my delirium over Knitty I forgot) go and check out Sandra's version of Branching Out. Love it!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Racy Red

I have started Rusted Root in racy red. Cotton from Sirdar (Luxury Soft) and it splits like you would not believe, However the further I get into the ball the less it splits so it might just be the end of the ball that's a bit loose. I wanted to get Twilley's Freedom DK Cotton but the red was too fire engine for my taste.
I have already frogged it - serves me right for paying more attention to Rockstar: Supernova than knitting (Donni, what is going on with our girl? A bit of controversy and she's gone way downhill. I'm predicting Toby now).

Leo is blocking in the spare room, I'm hoping to get it sewn up this afternoon before I go to spinning (and spin some more cashmere daaaaarlink).

Get your boats out Sydneysiders - what's with all the rain and where have the 27 degrees days gone? I would be happier about it if it were falling in the dams.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good thing it's not for me

I could wear it as a dress.


well... almost finished. Apart from weaving in. And blocking. And seaming. And knitting the neck.

Ok, so not even close. BUT ALMOST THERE!

Aye, this has been a slog and a half for me. I have knit this to the exclusion of all else, and when you are knitting 5x3 rib until you feel like your brain might melt that is no mean feat.
Here you can see my Addi's assisting the brain meltage. (Lucky they aren't KnitPicks Options, I might have punctured something).

So to celebrate, I'm going to cast on for something for ME. You may have been following my indecision, procrastination, and general confusion over what to knit next (lets be honest, every other post I make is littered with indecision, procrastination and confusion...) and I haven't moved any further down the path to enlightenment. I think I am leaning towards Rusted Root... ask me tomorrow I'll have changed my mind. Of course, I don't have anything in my stash that is at all suitable (does anyone else have a stash full of unsuitable yarns? Thus, the reason why I don't stash buy on impulse anymore).

You may have noticed my absence over the last month. It's called The New Job. Or maybe I should call it, the Old Job with some New Bits Added that I do along with The Other Job which is not really like a Job but more like Yarn Fondling Heaven. (and speaking of Yarn Fondling Heaven, I have a sale on until Sunday night; get yourselves over there and grab some bargains). So, The New Job. I have to be all boss like and power dress on occasion. Oh and talk high ranking execs in meetings... while I go beetroot red (more on my beetroot adventures can be found here). But it's new and different, and I haven't done new and different in about 10 years, so it makes a nice change.

Before I go, pop over and say hi to my friend Penny, sewing extraordinaire (seriously, I am in awe of how she can sit at not only a sewing machine but an OVERLOCKER too and not want to throw them across the room and get stuff made).