Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I will be back soon with more to say I promise, but I just had to share this little tit-bit with you.

I am done on the length of the Print O' the Wave stole that is not a stole but a scarf.
Clearly I did not think this 'change a stole to a scarf' plan through, because in order to get it to scarf length I had to do 40 repeats instead of the recommended 14... (you lace knitters will know where I am going with this).
Next step in the pattern is to pick up sts around the edge to do the edging.

By my calculations, I only have to pick up a mere 1226 sts...

...no that is not a typo.

Butterfly is looking mighty tempting right about now.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Long overdue

Let me tell something to you… (thanks to Robin Williams for that corker of a line from Happy Feet, Little Man likes to quote it to me daily) (and also, hi! I’m home!)
…. this blog moving business is a long old process. So long that I have given up waiting for the email and am writing this in word.

Oh hey, here I am!

So knitting! Yep, sometimes knitting gets done on this here blog, in between the procrastination and famous people gossip.
Look! Proof!

Close friends of ours are about to have their first baby. Like a red rag to a bull, telliing a knitter that a baby is coming...

This is from Baby Cashmerino 2 by Debbie Bliss, knitted in Zara (cause I love me some Zara for kids clothes).

I just had to do the little bunny, it was THE CUTEST.

And I love this button.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that yarn was on the menu at christmas last year (along with a fabulous pavlova if I do say so myself). Here's the treats...

A sexy blend of silk/wool from Mystical Creation Yarns. Not as super soft as I would like (but you know my thoughts on what some people think is soft compared to what I think is soft.) But those colours! Divine.

These on the other hand, super soft. (from Ruby Sapphire yarns.

That's sportweight (or 8ply in terms that make sense)

and the sockweight

Tasty indeed. My husband knows the way to a knitters heart.

And here is some progress on my Print o' the Wave. Lace is a total and utter nightmare to take a picture of, so here check out this lump.

And I still think it's scratchy. If only I could have used my brain and used some of this from the stash shop, I reckon I would be onto a winner. That is, if it wasn't flying out of the store like it had grown wings.

So the tennis is over for another year. I am still getting over it, my sleeping patterms are still all over the shop and I am having trouble falling asleep before 3am. Obviously I am having Quizmania withdrawls (oh GOD I really hope not. Because that would be more tragic than watching Melrose Place). It was long and tiring, but different for me this year having more responsibilty and, being in the office, more social. It was weird to not work every second I'm at work like I usually do when editing (which I did at night, but the editing night shift at the tennis is a bit more relaxed). On to the next sport - AFL and V8's. And of course the horses (which are already being discussed). I laugh with a friend from work about the endless cycle we lead of tennis, horses and olympics every other year. We arrive at an event and say 'weren't we here only yesterday?'.