Thursday, January 11, 2007


Monday: Fly to Melbourne at silly hour. Arrive and answer 2 billion emails.
Tuesday: Develop large blisters on the walk to work. Place 7 bandaids on blisters. Answer 2 billion emails.
Wednesday: Try to avoid OH&S man while wearing open toed shoes to alleviate my blisters (not allowed in the compound). Answer 2 billion emails.
Thursday: Interview Andy Roddick. While wearing open toed shoes. Get back to work and hide from OH&S man. Answer 2 billion emails. Did I mention, ANDY RODDICK?

The total stress and highlight of the week - my first famous interview in my new position. We were allotted a whole 12 mins with him (yes, we were timed) but it went smoothly and I think will turn out a treat.

If you haven't guessed, it's that time of year again - Australian Open time. Time by myself without my boys (sniff, sob) but also a bit of time to concentrate on tough lace projects (no I haven't lost my mind, Butterfly is not here with me) (however there are certain people who are in the early stages of insanity feeling the love). I've brought along Print o' the Wave which was coming along swimmingly (snort), until I noticed a dropped stitch and had to frog 6 rows to fix it. Last night I finished a row and ended up with 3 sts less than I needed to have. I might do some more of the KSH jumper (although I must say, one thousand sweaters has some weird instructions, I hope the KSH project demon hasn't reared it's ugly head again) (it's cursed yarn I tell you).

Off to watch some of my Melrose Place DVD box set (how SAD is that) (but also, SO GOOD).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, another journalist who knits :) Welcome to the club!

3:17 am

Blogger Meg said...

My feet suffered for sport last week too, I went through a whole box of bandaids at the cricket from the blisters!
If it makes me appear any more sane, Butterfly hasn't been touched all week!

9:59 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still drooling over Andy, but the Melrose place thing, wow, I think i may have to stalk you again (but you can keep the shawl...)Funny I was watching my set of The Gilmore Girls while sock knitting (I win, I'm sadder) and Rob Estes was in a couple of ep's!
Good luck with the tennis, the job, the shoes and the OH&S man....

9:13 am

Blogger knitabulous said...

Interviewing famous hunky sportsmen and getting paid for it, incredible. I totally win the sad dvd competition today, I am next on the list to borrow my friends Dawson's Creek DVD. Oh and I think Dicko is really sexy.

7:35 pm

Anonymous Barb said...

I have thought Andy Roddick was a genius since his match with...Younes Al ... Enoue? (I can't spell it, but I think he's great too.) I also live for those Pong commercials. So sad. Anyway, lucky you!

2:28 pm


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