Monday, May 22, 2006

The Bear comes of age

Well, here we are, my 100th post! Never thought I'd get to 100 but I have taking to blogging like the proverbial duck and it's favoured liquid. I have 'met' so many fantastic ladies, been inspired by so many talented people - thanks everyone, it's been amazing! I think blogging has made me procastinate less about finishing, which has been a big step forward for me, and also encouraged me to open my mind to so many other crafts that I had previously dismissed as country twee, quilting being the big one - and here I am making one! No bears or flowers on my quilt - it's all about modern lines and bright colours. It's coming along a treat, pics to come soon.

So here are the promised pics of the Wee Bunny and apron I made for Little Man the other day.

Wee Bunny has been fixed up now and back with it's rightful owner (and wasn't he pleased about that!)

I love this back fabric, a cool retro surfer print. Got it cheap from Spotlight ages ago.

And here is the apron. Rather large on him but atleast it will last for a while.

Lovin' those flames on the pocket.

In knitting news, I've started on a Ear Flap Hat for Little Man, in Rustic by Panda. I got it ages ago from Spotlight super cheap, I think it will be good for a kids hat that will more than likely end up dragged through a bush/mud/puddle so at least I should be able to chuck it in the wash.
The Big B is still in disgrace. I suspect it's laughing at me as we speak.


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