Friday, December 23, 2005

Feeling hot hot hot

Well we're away for xmas break now, up on the NSW north coast visiting my mum, and it's a tiny bit sticky. Well, lets be honest, a lot sticky. They're forecasting 40c or something stupid for xmas this year - just one year we hope to have a Christmas with a slightly cooler day.
So this is just a short merry Christmas to all, hope you are keeping cool (or warm depending on where you are in the world). And staying safe with all these fires around, another xmas tradition that we wish we didn't have.
Just the scarf for my exchange pal and my KAL socks on the go at the moment, small things that are easy to knit in stinking hot weather!

See you all in the new year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


No, not a backwards Santa - I GOT MY INTERWEAVE KNITS WINTER 2005 TODAY!!!

I'm so happy, especially after all the drama I've heard other people having. Very cool, off to look at it now.

Before I go though, don't you love it when you come home to see the socks you are knitting... with no needles attached? Was I the silly mumma that forgot to put her knitting out of reach last night so the Little Man wouldn't be able to play with them....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Master Harry

So I FINALLY got to see Harry today (after more eeeedjits at Hoyts trying to stop me - it's a conspiracy I'm sure).


If you haven't seen it yet, avert your eyes.

If you have and you've read the book, were you as disappointed as I? Every scene change you could hear me murmuring in the dark "but what about x' and 'huh? What was that about? I don't recall no dance lessons in the book'. I understand they need to drop stuff to fit a 800 odd page book into a 2 and a half hour movie, but to drop vital stuff for useless scenes such as the dance lessons. What about the house elves? The fact that Barty Jnr escapes and therefore the sole proof that Voldemort is alive is gone? Dumbledore in his speech - 'oh the ministry doesn't believe that he's back' but there is no storyline in the movie to show WHY they don't believe it. I reckon you would have had to have read the book and know it well to follow alot of the movie, DH kept saying 'and who's that' and 'what's that about?' The French girls for example, the sighing Veela thing, would you have known what they were doing if you hadn't read the book?


Hmpf. Everytime I see the next HP movie I am disappointed. Ah well, can't be perfect I guess.

Oh hey, don't faint - I have a knitting pic to post!

This is the start of my Go With the Flow Socks from IK, done in Lorna's Laces Icehouse (aren't I a good girl, I even bought it from myself and all!). I'm enjoying it immensely, it's such an easy pattern to memorise, even with my chart phobia!
Speaking of charts, have you seen the chart on Backyard Leaves in Scarf Style (as knitted by the lovely Meg, I love this scarf) aye aye aye this chart SCARES me. It's a WHOLE page, devoted to every stitch abbreviation known to knit-kind. People such as Celia get a kick out of this kinda thing. Me? I need a chocolate and a lie down.

Monday, December 05, 2005

It's a girl!

Or possibly a boy... whatever the case my new baby is born!

Purl Yarns is open for business!

I feel so proud, yet nervous all at the same time. Is this what it will be like when Little Man starts school??

Not alot going on here, I've finally started on my scarf for my exchange pal (it's all a bit secret squirrel so I won't be saying much about it). It is ***** in colour and has ***** on it. There ya go, descriptive enough for you?

And, drum roll please, I HAVE FINISHED THE OPAL SOCKS! Don't fall over in shock (I know I almost did but doing so while clutching thin dpn's could have been fatal). Here they are in all their glory:

NB: I would think about wearing sunnies while viewing this pic so as not to be BLINDED by the luminescence of my legs. You would think they have never seen daylight. Aye aye aye. (and maybe don't go in for a close up, is that a stray yarn I see up near my heel. So maybe I lied a teeny bit, shhh don't tell the finishing police).

In other knitting news, about that 'lovely' pattern called Butterfly from an equally lovely company called Rowan.

You see that side bar project monitor thingy I have?

Is it possible to put that into negative figures?

Because it seems my blonde follicles have reared their ugly, uh, follicles and buried themselves deep into my brain. Because, my friends, only I could cast on for the 3rd time and knit about 4 inches of it... with the wrong sized needle.


I seem to recall a post not too long ago about my love of frogging mohair. One would think one would learn from one's mistakes.

Well, one would think.

Obviously the aforementioned follicles PROHIBIT such behaviour as THINKING.

Friday, December 02, 2005

So, uh, when can I book?

I just wanna see Harry. Not a big ask, is it? I mean there is one billion sessions at the cinema, and we have La Premiere gift vouchers (that are almost expired, so they gotta be used soon) so we are using them to see Harry.

But can I get some kind of useful information from the "staff" (and I use the term loosely) at the cinema?

Monday: Me - 'So Hi, I'm looking on your website and I see there is a session next Monday at 8pm, could I book using my vouchers for that session please?'
Stupid "staff" member no. 1 - 'uh, no we don't have a session at that time'.
Me - 'well you have it on the website'
SSM1 - 'are you looking at the right cinema?'
getting irate me - 'well it has your cinema location written next to it so I guess I am'
SSM1 - 'oh, well there is no session at that time'
deep breaths me - 'ok then, how about 7.15?'
SSM1 - 'oh sorry, no session then either....'

So eventually we find a time that suits, but I have to ring our friends to see if it's fine with them (as they are looking after Little Man for us that night) so I tell SSM1 that I will call back. In the meantime I discuss our options with DH and sensing that getting our friends here early enough to make an earlier movie and give Little Man a bit of 'getting used to them' time is going to be a bit of a task. So how about Sunday? Maybe the 11th?

Me - 'Hi, am I able to book for a session on the 11th?'
Stupid "staff" member no. 2 - 'yes no problems'
me - 'so for the 2pm session'
SSM2 - 'oh we don't have a session at this time'
me, sensing a feeling of de ja vu - 'right. How about 1.30?'
SSM2 - 'sorry no session at that time either'
me, wondering why these people even BOTHER with a website telling people about session times that don't even exist - '12.45?'
SSM3 - 'yes we have a session at that time'
me - 'ok great, can I book please'
SSM2 - 'so that was the 4th?'
me - "no the 11th'
SSM2 - 'oh sorry you can't book that far ahead, try ringing back on Wednesday when we have the session times for the next week'.....

So, I finally get a chance to call back on Friday. You can guess how this one will go.

Me - 'Hi, calling to book a session to see Harry on the 11th'
Stupid 'staff' member 3 - 'on the 11th? no sorry you can't book that far ahead, you have to call back next Wednesday'
me - 'ok well someone on Monday told me that I could book for that date from this Wednesday and being Friday I thought all would be ok'
SSM3 - 'no sorry, try next Wednesday'
me - 'ok, will it still be in the La Premiere cinema then?'
SSM3 - 'yes, but it won't be playing as many sessions as before'
me thinking - 'so based on my previous experience of trying to book for the PLETHORA of session times you have available, there will probably be a total of 2 session times I could choose from?'

So APPARENTLY I'll be seeing Harry, sometime. Maybe.

When does the DVD come out?

promise some knitting content very soon, I have knitting morning tomorrow, I might even start on some socks!! You know for that KAL I'm running? What a novelty!