Monday, December 05, 2005

It's a girl!

Or possibly a boy... whatever the case my new baby is born!

Purl Yarns is open for business!

I feel so proud, yet nervous all at the same time. Is this what it will be like when Little Man starts school??

Not alot going on here, I've finally started on my scarf for my exchange pal (it's all a bit secret squirrel so I won't be saying much about it). It is ***** in colour and has ***** on it. There ya go, descriptive enough for you?

And, drum roll please, I HAVE FINISHED THE OPAL SOCKS! Don't fall over in shock (I know I almost did but doing so while clutching thin dpn's could have been fatal). Here they are in all their glory:

NB: I would think about wearing sunnies while viewing this pic so as not to be BLINDED by the luminescence of my legs. You would think they have never seen daylight. Aye aye aye. (and maybe don't go in for a close up, is that a stray yarn I see up near my heel. So maybe I lied a teeny bit, shhh don't tell the finishing police).

In other knitting news, about that 'lovely' pattern called Butterfly from an equally lovely company called Rowan.

You see that side bar project monitor thingy I have?

Is it possible to put that into negative figures?

Because it seems my blonde follicles have reared their ugly, uh, follicles and buried themselves deep into my brain. Because, my friends, only I could cast on for the 3rd time and knit about 4 inches of it... with the wrong sized needle.


I seem to recall a post not too long ago about my love of frogging mohair. One would think one would learn from one's mistakes.

Well, one would think.

Obviously the aforementioned follicles PROHIBIT such behaviour as THINKING.


Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Looooove the socks!!! What's the next pair gonna be???

7:29 am

Blogger Lolly said...

Your socks are brilliant! I love the way Opal knits up ;)

11:42 am

Blogger Lynne said...

Hey, Taryn, nice socks but I'll have to put some socks on my legs and get out in the sun to get pics - I reckon I can outwhite you! ;-)

10:37 pm


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