Monday, July 23, 2007

Who loves ya baby?

I just love me a baby knit. Love, love, love it. Quick and satisfying, and the recipient will never turn it's nose up at it (love that 'I'm too young to have head control down pat yet' thing.)

This was super cute and lots of fun. Usually I'm not one for the 'it's a girl, give it pink!' way of thinking, but this yarn was calling out to me very loudly (as you can see, it's kinda loud like that) and I love using this yarn for baby knits (lemmetellyou anything you can chuck in the wash and not think about is the best thing ever for a baby).

And those buttons are rockin' my button world.

Pattern is Pea Pod from IK (um, a little while back. I think it was a subscriber web thingo) and yarn is Katia Diana. That little bit of angora in the yarn makes it super snuggly.

You might be seeing a whole lot of baby knit love on this here site within the next coupla months, tis the season to be breedin. (and no, not me before you ask).

Monday, July 09, 2007

4 days and 2000k's

We don’t do things in halves around this place. Got 4 days? Lets go to Brisvegas! We didn’t just get up and decide to go, we did have a reason (MIL’s 60th) but we thought we might drive it being that it was going to cost us $700 to fly - which is slightly ludicrous in this day and age of super cheap fares.
So I am now officially beat - it doesn’t help to start the trip with only 4 hours sleep, and that 4 hours wasn’t even restful as I lay in bed worrying that I hadn’t finished all my work. One day I will go on a holiday where I won’t come back as exhausted as I was when I left. 

Luckily, I love to drive. Love love love it. Would love it even more if I didn’t have to play dodge the caravan all the way (why do you always catch up to them just as the overtaking lane is ending? WHY?). The most unpleasant part was between Tweed Heads and Brunswick Heads where the new freeway is almost finished. We hit the traffic at the place where it joins the Tweed section as we were going south. Wondering what was holding us up as we sat in bumper to bumper, we finally found out when we reached the spot where it starts at Brunswick Heads over an hour later (a trip which usually takes about 15 - 20 mins). Yes folks, someone in their infinite wisdom decided today would be a fantastic day to open the new section. But not to cars mind you, well that wouldn’t be any fun would it? Lets open it up to pedestrian traffic! Lets have jumping castles on it, stilt walkers and even protesters. But how will we get everyone onto it? Well, what we might do is get a couple of dudes holding stop signs and stop the traffic intermittently to let people cross the Pacific Highway. That would be the main road south. I think they bought the Nimbin council in on this bright spark of an idea. The poor lollipop men were getting an earful from every passing driver (I think they must have been from Nimbin too, they seemed pretty relaxed about the whole ideal. A little TOO relaxed, if you know what I mean.)

On the way back we stopped overnight in Coffs, because if you have ever travelled long distance in a car with young kids you will know how stopping every now and then is the only path to sanity. We went for a wander down to the beach (where there seemed to be a huge amount of stones, I thought I was in the UK again) and thought this would be a nice place to show off the clap.

The stats are 1 and 1/2 balls of 2ply Ruby and Lana 100% wool on 2.5mm. It's looking almost orange in this pic - the colour is closer to the top one.

As always, Clap’s are pretty cruisy as knitting goes. Once you get into the flow they are perfect for TV and even Stitch n Bitch knitting. Speaking of SnB I managed to get along to Ruby & Lana’s last weekend which was a rarity for me (well, these days anyway). Lots of new faces, in fact it has gotten so big that after the store closes we head to the nearby cafe for lunch (which, by the way, was pretty darn good). Lots of laughs, lots of gossip, it felt good to be amongst other knitters again!

And I am currently on a roll, I have done 4 of 17 repeats using Crack to make Wisp - so far it’s pretty pain free. Famous last words...

Oh and one last thing, thanks to everyone for their lovely comments in the my last post - good to know I'm not forgotten!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Password? What's my password?

This is serious. You know that it has been a long time between posts when you can't even remember your own damn password to log in to type a post.
Obviously, I remembered cause here I am, but I can't believe I temporarily forgot it.

So hi! I hope there are still some readers out there; I know it has been forever. I can't even reward the faithfuls with some pics cause it's dark out, but I promise there will be something special up here within the next week. Or maybe two. No! I will not leave it so long between posts again. Somebody poke me to remind me if it isn't here by the weekend.

I have been getting along with a couple of things - firstly a gorgeously cute thing for my besties new baby (who I haven't seen yet because I am a very bad bestie) (but I will see soon, promise!). When said gorgeously cute thing has been delivered I will deliver pics here for you all to enjoy, it is worth the wait SO GORGEOUSLY CUTE.

Second on the needles, I was inspired by Meg's super cool fine yarn Clap-scarf, so I up and made one for myself. In super bright red (cause I can't get enough red in my life LOVE IT). I will do a super fantastic post for that one.

Also something in the side room being ignored, uh I mean lovingly tended to (SNORT, NOT) is the Shawl-that-is-a-scarf Print o the Wave. It, like Butter&*($^-fly, I fear will not see the light of day. I cannot get past the 20 trillion stitches I need to pick up around the edges in order to complete it (you notice how the number of stitches I have to pick up grows each time I speak of it? It is like the plague, just keeps spreading).

While on the subject of Butter&($#)&-fly and the heathen lovely yarn it is knitted in (that would be Crack for the uninitiated), has anyone seen this delight in the latest Knitty? Oh my.
I will not mention that this will be my 5th attempt at finding the correct pattern for this evil ever so co-operative yarn. I will also not mention that there is currently something already on the needles. And before that something else.

I think I might go and (rip back the others) cast on for it now, because I am a sucker for punishment ever so patient knitter.