Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Morning, Charlie

Not quite Farrah but close enough...

Pattern courtesy of Jordana Paige, the lovely Starsky from Knitty.
Yarn courtesy of Cleckheaton (! I KNOW!!), Merino Supreme.
Water pistol courtesy of Little Man.
Morris Mini Panel Van courtesy of DH (although he likes to tell me it's mine so when he spends money on it he can say 'but I'm spending money on YOUR car...)
Cinematography also courtesy of DH.

I loved knitting this, it was very fun. The chart was great to read and went fast. All that is left is the belt loops, I'm almost thinking I might leave them off so I can close it with a wooden bar brooch thingy if I feel like it.

In other FO news, here's Little Man's jumper. Made (almost) from scratch, as I spun, dyed and knitted the yarn.
Shearing the sheep may be next on the list (although seeing how FILTHY sheep are, maybe not).

As usual, Little Man is moving like a speeding bullet about the place and thus, hard to get a clear pic of.

So as you can see this week has been FLAT OUT here at Bear central. On top of all this my mum has been visiting, so we have been kept busy going out, shopping, running round the park with Little Man, all those 'nana is visiting' type activities.
Oh and I got this fab cookbook, I would seriously have bought it for the cover alone, but as a bonus it full of scrumptious recipes. Off to curl up on the couch with it now.


Blogger Rain said...

It's gorgeous and looks fabulous in brown. The pattern is really well defined in that yarn. I love it.

Little Man looks really sweet in his sweater.

5:06 pm

Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Beautiful job on the Starsky (and impressive on the jumper done by hand from start to finish!).

I love the cinematography that went into this post. Very fun.

11:11 pm

Blogger Laura said...

Wonderful Starsky! It fits you well and looks very classy with the black turtleneck.

Great Job

11:25 pm

Anonymous claudine said...

You and Starsky look great!! Love the photo shots :)

12:23 am

Anonymous rose said...

That's a great sweater

12:57 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVE your gun!! LOL That Starksy does look wonderful. I'm a big fan of brown, too! YUM! Great job!

2:30 am

Blogger bradyphrenia said...

both sweaters are awesome. looooove the brown starsky!

5:21 am

Anonymous Tiffany said...

Starsky looks *fantastic*! Really nice job =)

6:31 am

Blogger aija said...

Absolutely lovely!! And your photos are great!

8:29 am

Blogger celia said...

Love the photos!

Little man looks very cute in his new jumper.. no, not too small at all

9:52 am

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hilarious!! I even made JT come and have a look - It looks brilliant!! So chic! Little Man's jumper looks great to what an achievement from sliver to sweater. I've only managed hats with my handspun so far! (but it is a goal in i2006 to knit a real garment from my handspun!!

6:12 pm

Blogger Meg said...

I can really tell you are thrilled with Starsky and LM is thrilled with his jumper. This has got to be one of my favourite all-time FO posts ever! Starsky looks fabbo!!

11:38 am

Anonymous Donna said...

Love it, love it, love it :)

4:23 pm

Blogger jussi said...

brilliant Taryn!

7:10 am

Blogger Dharia said...

very nice starsky! i'm knitting it in blue right now, so of course i had to google other people who've already knit it. love yours!

6:42 am


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