Sunday, April 09, 2006

A day in the life

What do you do when you are unwanted and unloved?

Take some time to play on the swing,

kick back...

... and have a beer.

Do some sight seeing,

Go for a drive.

Try myself on Little Man (beanie courtesy of my mum and some lovely Mollydale he will wear that beanie even when it is 30 degrees Celsius outside)

obviously itchiness runs in the family.

Here's the specs on what not to wear, I mean Backyard Leaves.

Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style, knit with yarn from hell, I mean Heirloom Alpaca.


Anonymous Donni said...

All that work for sad - we must have chanelled todays post...:)

5:57 pm

Anonymous rachel said...

hee hee!! Great post!

4:52 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's too bad! I would think that Alpaca wouldn't be too itchy...but now I'm thinking, and I don't think I've ever worn anything made with Alpaca...

Great post, however =)

- Tiffany

5:02 am

Blogger Meg said...

Ahhhhhh, poor unloved Backyard Leaves. The knitting looks really nice, though - weren't you worried about the charted lace pattern? So all in all, a success. Don't send it to vinnie's just yet!

9:14 am

Blogger Areli said...

That's too bad it's itchy, it sure is a nice scarf.

9:25 am

Blogger Me said...

it is a nice scarf, so sorry to read that it's too itchy to wear!!!!

6:46 pm

Anonymous Sarah said...

well that stinks! but it seems that you've maintained a good sence of humor about it! this was a very entertaining post, and what a cute boy - with or without the hat!

9:53 am


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