Sunday, March 18, 2007

Branches with Flair

I haven't fallen in the stash and can't get out. It's been quite a couple of months; unfortunately nothing exciting to tell, just working and working and sometimes knitting.

Here is a pic of the sometimes knitting, it's the lovely sock yarn that I got from DH at Xmas.... made into Branching Out (doesn't everyone make scraves from their sock yarn??)

I did start swatching it for a sock, but I didn't like the way the colours were graduating. Plus to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of knitted socks (I'll go duck for cover now). I dunno, I just don't like how they feel on me feet.

Next on the hit list (don't everyone fall over from shock, I actually have something in the wings to nit next!) (although my lengthy absence has given me time to ponder...) is the fab Flair from Wendy. I love that is is right on fashion for this winter (I'm seeing little swing jackets everywhere in the shops) so now have to think about yarn and colours. Maybe grey? Maybe red? Hmmm....

But wait there's more! I also have to get started on a cutie baby knit for my friends upcoming bub. It's all hush hush though, she may be lurking out there...

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Blogger Taueret said...

it's so funny that I saw this post today. I have ONE skein of Lorna's Laces sock yarn, and I am sure it's not enough to make a pair of socks. At $30 a skein, I am not buying another. I was thinking this morning, "hey, I could make that little 'branching out' scarf from the LL "- and here you are, with the same thing! I will do it for sure now.

4:08 pm

Blogger knitabulous said...

I've knitted two flairs (kind of - they're not fully finished). Check them out on the blog. The yarns I've used are not right though.

I used grey Paton's Jet, but would have preferred a loftier yarn. Am planning on making a third in cascade pima tencel or possibly pima silk.

It's a quick and really great knit. I love it - ditto the fashion thing. It's very hip.

6:42 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Where have you been ?? Where have I been ?? You dropped off my bloglines. Sorry I have not been commenting these past few months!!??
Anyway, I'm back now and looking forward to Flair and branching out!

1:49 pm


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