Friday, July 14, 2006

Flash your Fetching

You know, the other day at SSK there were 3 of us making these. See what happens when you stick in on the cover of Knitty? The WHOLE WORLD (or at least the knitting world) wants in.
I thought about taking a pic of me wearing them with a hot drink in my hand, but being that I don't drink hot drinks (unless there is chocolate involved mmmmm... like the hot chocolate I had in Torino, like drinking a melted down choc bar. Amazing) I thought it more appropriate to show them protecting my mitts from the chill of a McFlurry. Yep we are all action here on a Friday night.

What's even more pathetic is that I am watching some MTV show on Hulk Hogan (Hogans Rules or some such rubbish.) I know I have spoken about my love of trash TV before, my reasoning is that I have to watch TV for a living and concentrate on it, I don't want to have to concentrate on it at home. Hence the mind frying nonsense I watch.

You can't see it very well, but my middle finger is sporting a lovely red scar from my latest burn. I say latest because I manage to burn myself with frightening frequency. Once I burnt myself on an iron - just a quick tap on my thumb, nothing bad. But as a result my body has decided that every month the skin on my thumb will regenerate. Lovely. Oh and when I was pregnant with Little Man, I managed to burn my stomach on the oven door. Pulled it open and forgot about the large bump in front of me. You would think being that I put on 20kgs that it would be hard to forget something that large. This latest casualty was from the other week, I opened the sandwich press when it was too far under the cupboard above, thus it hit the cupboard above and then fell down onto my hand. You can call me klutz.

So about the Fetching. Knitted in merino from in Fire Engine (from my lovely SP Lucia). Easy peasy, quick fix knit. Just enough to break the constant knit knit knit of Vanille (which, by the way is getting close to done on the body). I like, but am feeling the itch as I wear them right now, I hope a quick visit with wool wash will soften them up.

And Donni, I flashed mine, time to flash yours (all sounds a bit saucy really).


Anonymous Donna said...

All these Fetchings are so tempting. I've printed the pattern, I have the yarn.
But I also have two pairs of gloves on the needles rtight now and I think I'm gloved out!

2:09 pm


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