Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Precious

It's funny how much you miss your digital camera when you have a few finished projects to brag about.

First cab off the rank, my needle roll. I overcame my sewing machine demons and churned out this little beauty. I have had that flowery fabric FOREVER, I think it came up a treat.

Second, my, uh, interesting '"skein" of handspun wool. It's my first and full of faults (some bits too loose, others too tight) but you gotta start somewhere.

And last but not least, the Zhivago Shrug. I think I might have to sew it up a bit more as I have a narrow back and it's all a bit gapey, unless I stand like I have serious back problems while wearing it. Excuse the scowly face, DH likes to take photos at random and not tell his subject that he is doing so. Makes for MANY unattractive shots of me.

See that happy face? Cause of the good hair.

So what next? Well I'm still umming and ahhing about which jumper to make Little Man and which strappy top to make me, so while I procrastinate a bit longer I think I might do some socks. Yeah, seems about the right season to be knitting woolen socks... (did I mention it was 26C today?)


Blogger Lolly said...

The shrug looks smashing on you! and yes, your hair looks beautiful too ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

11:47 pm

Blogger jacqueline said...

i love the shrug! i can't actually see the gapey bits you are referring too.

the hair look fab too!

4:43 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!! You, the shrug, the spinning - what a fantastic effort for your first go!! I feel like saying 'I' so proud', but I had nothing to do with it, lol!!!
And I don't wanna know about 26 deg - we're lucky to crack 20 at the moment....

9:02 pm

Blogger Taryn said...

aww shucks! thanks every one! and alison, of course you has something to do with it - all the encourangement!

9:54 pm

Blogger Elisabeth said...

Wow, your first handspun looks soooo much better than mine. :-)
Great job on everything!
Take Care,

3:15 am

Blogger Ruth said...

Came over from Knitty to see the slippers, and saw so much other good stuff! I think your handspun looks excellent for a first try, and I love the shrug. The color is great on you.

Looks like you managed to find a good hairdresser, too ... I've always wanted curls like yours.

6:16 am

Blogger knitabulous said...

The shrug looks great! Have you seen rowan's butterfly? I think you might like that, just to throw another spanner in the works of the what to do nexts.

8:02 pm

Blogger Taryn said...

no no no!! too many patterns!! aaarrrggghhh!!! now i'm also looking at honeymoon on knitty. urgh, i'm so undecided, i hate not having things to knit

9:33 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Well done!! The shrug looks fantastic!! Just like the pattern!! I've got that book and thinking about it. And the spinnning . It looks fab - its fun isnt it! I love spinning but I'm never as good as I want to be. Tyhe yarn is never as even as I'd like it to be...Patience ... Patience...:-) Stripey

1:56 pm


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