Friday, September 09, 2005

A round of applause please...

for Clapotis!

I finished it this morning, and in under 5 balls! I did one less drop stitch repeat thinking that I wouldn't have enough yarn, but woohoo! I have leftovers! Now what to make with a ball and a half of Noro Silk Garden... suggestions?

Today was a gorgeous summers day - not right for sitting in the sun slaving away on something made of wool (which I stupidly did - I AM ON A DEADLINE PEOPLE!), but perfect for trying out Nipplegate, minus the nipple bit - the solution? Wear it with a bikini top. And I have to redo the straps - the cotton is stretched out so much after one wear it isn't funny. Soon it will work well as a dress at this rate.

And I noticed that my hair is in DIRE need of a cut. Those split ends are EVIL.

So now that frees me up to start on the slippers (yes I too am wondering at the wisdom of starting slippers in 28C heat...) and the Zhivago shrug (well I never said I was good at knitting for the right season...).

But my newest toy is the spinning wheel I have on loan. I bought a maintenance kit and have been playing with it but am at a loss as to how I actually use it. My wool fiber hasn't arrived yet (boo hiss) so I will wait impatiently until Monday to try it out. At least, I hope it arrives Monday, or the postie will be getting some SERIOUS yarn withdrawal stares from behind the screendoor...


Blogger Rachael said...

I am in shock. That is amazing, that clapotis of yours! Well done. Now I am feeling the guilt! I want to comment on nipplegate, but everything I write just comes out wrong! LOL :)

6:42 am

Blogger Rachel said...

Clapotis is gorgeous! The yarn is perfect! And the tank is great too. You have some beautiful FO's to be proud of!!

4:27 am

Blogger Nichola said...

Clapotis looks fabulous! I'm onto Clapotis 2 at the moment.

10:57 pm

Blogger Lolly said...

Your Clapotis, and your camisole are LOVELY! Just found your blog, and I will be back--you have some gret stuff going on ;)

11:22 pm


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