Friday, October 06, 2006

De ja vu

Ever get the feeling that you've been here before?

This is what happens when you have a swift, you start to wind... and your skein falls off the swift. The yarn is a sample of something I'm getting for the store, it's very sexy. Or it will be when it's not in a mess like that.

So I've finished the French Market Bag. I was planning to do something on it to spice it up (as it's such an inspiring shade of beige), maybe needle felt or embroider. But I dunno, it's kinda feh. I don't know if it is the odd shape or lack of structure, it's just... feh.

Here's a before

And being modeled by half naked child.

And after (complete with clothed child).

Looks fine hanging, but put it down...


Onwards and upwards, going to do a little baby knit for friends that are expecting (no, not me before you ask) picked this up and some Zara (love the Zara) to knit it with. Thought I was all set to go until I got home and checked for some 3.25mm needles... and found one of a pair. Not much use really... lucky I have a wonderful DH who I can command to do my knitting chores will do nice things for me, he went out and bought me a pair this morning while I slogged away working at home.

Have a good weekend (and to all the Bathurst widows this weekend, try and use the time that your husband will be glued to the couch to get out and go knitting - that's what I'll be doing!).


Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Could you starch it? - I dont know how starch works - just an idea. Yep embroider mad flowers or dots and felt again. Maybe it will stiffen up more and be colourful. OR only use it if you have heaps to carry and it will stay up right lol!!

5:00 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

Weeeeeelll, I did try and warn you - in a circumspect kind of way.....not too flash is it. The pattern that is. Not that your version is not too flash - if you know what I mean? Which is more than me cause I can't remember what I wanted to say....or meant. Feh!

7:00 pm

Blogger jussi said...

LOVE the wiggles t-shirt!

I am voting for bold embroidery with thick feltable wool, then re-felt.

12:58 pm

Blogger Meg said...

What a pity you're a bit feh about the FMB. I love mine. But then I'm not really into bags, so I don't have many criteria to satisfy before I'm happy with a bag. I like it best for errands, e.g., to the fruit shop or bakery, where I'm not going to put it down anyway, so the slumping isn't a problem.

9:20 am

Blogger LadyLungDoc said...

Can you find a wicker bowl or basket that you can slip the bag over to give the body of the bag some substance?

Alternately, you could cut it up and sew it back together as something else.

10:29 pm

Blogger Margot said...

Give it time - once you can forget how long it took to knit, you'll like it again. It's really a beautiful bag. It wouldn't take long o jazz it up a little if you're so inclined. You mentioned needle felting - dyeing is an option too.

They're all like that you know, not very stiff. It's what's inside that gives them their shape. IMO the design is impractical as a bag; I use mine as a yarn basket.

10:30 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your "feh" bag looks like it needs to be jam packed full of stuff to hold it's shape, with things hanging out the sides :-) If it were my bag, I'd put some embellishment on, whether beads, or embroidery or applique or knitted leaves or flowers.

9:58 am


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