Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I present to you...

The Jo Sharp's Contemporary Knitting Fishermans Rib Jumper aka the Monster Jumper


Just in time for fathers day (actually I finished it this morning before DH got up, so technically speaking finished ON fathers day). I tell ya I am SO PLEASED it is done and more importantly it FITS!! And we had a cold rainy day today, perfect for it's first outing! When I can convince DH to appear in the blog I'll get a picture of it on him.

How nice is it to have a FO! In fact I'm in a bit of a finishing mood, so I might even sew up this (second picture in next to bloke in green jumper) little top I knitted ages ago that's been sitting around in pieces forever.

So now I have more time to work on the Clapotis, which is coming along swimmingly. I've done 4 drop stitches, so 8 to go in the straight section (I'm doing a bit less than the pattern says just in case I don't have enough Noro) (otherwise known as 'gee I hope I have more yarn than is required so I can make something for MYSELF with whats left over...').

(on a totally unrelated note: how bizarre is it that the spell checker on blogger doesn't recognise 'blog' as a word...)


Blogger Rachael said...

Ha, I finally got that first contemp knitting on Friday ($7.99 thankyou very much) and spied that jumper and thought yeah that'd be alright for my DH. I had not made the connection b/t that pattern and your MJ! Ha, it can stay in the "not to be made" file now LOL. Well done on finishing the MJ. It looks fantastic!

11:44 am

Blogger Taryn said...

thanks! it really wasn't a hard pattern, it was the yarn subbing and the adding on of rows to accomodate my tall DH that was the hard part! $7.99 is a great price! i just saw it in my newsagent for $19.95

1:38 pm


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