Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cashmere daaarlink

In honor of joining in on the Spin Knitties ring, I thought I might show you my latest yarn on the bobbin.
May I introduce the ever so delightful, and endlessly soft, Ms. Cash Mere

I may never want to spin anything else ever again. I have crossed over to the Dark Side (as long as there is copious amounts of cashmere on the Dark Side that's fine with me).

I'm thinking it might finally become a scarf, lace and everything. These ones (p08, middle and right hand side scarves) have caught my eye. It wants to be fine, so fine it shall be (demanding is Ms. Mere).

Ahhhh, so soft. Even merino feels like a scouring pad after spinning this beauty.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Riding in cars with boys

This morning as I made my way from the craft room back to my computer I looked down to see this.

Under my desk was this.

I looked up onto my desk and saw this.

I made my way into the loungeroom, and was greeted with this.

And of course, no trip to the bathroom is complete without this.

His father insists he needs more cars; well he would wouldn't he, when this is what HIS collection consists of:-

lurking in the garage...

on the driveway...

round the side of the house.

It is hard being the only girl in this house sometimes.

Look at Leo!

Onto the sleeves, doing both on one circular to hopefully get it over with quicker. It's not that I don't like knitting stuff for DH, it's just that I inevitably have many steps to get through everytime I make something - Sub the yarn, change the needle size, frog it (at least twice) agonize over it, sigh at when it's all over because it's finally done, sigh because the fit is not what I would have liked, sulk because I know I have to do it all again and try and get it right.
Let's hope that the last two steps don't come to fruition this time.

As I have been saintly during this jumper and not knitted anything else (ok, maybe I dabbled in other things a couple of times. I am only human) I am looking towards what to knit next. Since we have been feeling the hint of spring in the air (oh yes, that would be something else to sigh over, finishing the jumper in the wrong season) I think a cute little top for spring would be just the ticket. Either Rusted Root or Tempting... or maybe Tempting II... hmmm, I love them all. Will have to ponder some more (ya we all know this viscous cycle- ponder, ponder, ponder, find something else, for get the other things we were pondering and make new thing because we pondered for so long and no longer like the previous objects of fascination...)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

knit knit knit knit knit purl purl purl

5 x 3 rib makes for dull blogging.
Yep, still slogging along on Leo. 2 weeks before spring starts, really should get a wriggle on or else DH won't be wearing it this year. I am lucky I guess that it is not super heavy, it should be ok for September. I have been so focused, staying just with Leo (ok, so maybe I did just a little swatch of some cheapo Panda Regal 4 ply cotton I picked up, I had to look at some other yarn for a few minutes). That's dedication for you. I'm finished on the back, now onto the front. I'm wondering if i can be really tricky for the arms and join the shoulders, pick up sts around the armhole and do the arm in the round from the armhole down (yay, less seaming!! woohoo!!). Is it possible to do it this way? Has anyone ever done it with success?

More on the home improvement front, I have found another couch that I want. Even better it is currently on 2 years interest free - guess what we are doing on Thursday!! Love you Bayswiss (getting the 2 and 3 seaters, mmmm yummy). It has been so long since I had new furniture, I can't wait.

Off to sit on the couch and contemplate my navel, uh I mean knit some more Leo.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New! And improved!

You may remember a photo recently of me and my failed Saturday Market Bag, standing in my VERY UGLY KITCHEN (due to foul 70s wallpaper). Here's a reminder just in case you missed that tasteful design.

Well, over the weekend, I got jack of it. Now it looks like this.

The doors still have to be done (they are still baby poo yellow. Nice) and I have to tidy up around the corners and skirting, but it is SO MUCH BETTER. I feel like it now matches the modern colour scheme in the rest of the house (actually the white in the rest of the house is a bit beiger but eh, I like it bright white in the kitchen.) I reckon our landlord should be knocking something off our rent for this, we are nice renters to be painting his house.

Onto Leo, up to the armhole shaping. I'm staying on the circ to do it, I've never done it this way before as I usually swap to straights when I get to the shaping but it's working out a treat. So much easier than hunting about for a pair of straights that are the same size (I actually think I don't even have straights in this size, so it was a necessity really).

Next on the list of to do, I am torn between 2 things (yes, yes I know you are not at all surprised as I do have a rather long history of what-to-knit-next-itis). One is the lovely new offering from Stefanie, the other is the new offering from the girls at Zephyr. Yes, I am looking to summer, willing it to come as it is DAMN COLD today. Whadaya think?

My postie was so very nice to me today and dropped off the new issue of Interweave Knits into the letterbox.
I've had a flick through.... feh. It is SO NOT making me overjoyed. It's a bit blah really. I hate when you are looking forward to something and when you get it, it fails to live up to expectations. Hmpf. I guess the only thing I might consider knitting in it (besides the Father and Son socks, just cause they are socks and it's hard to go wrong with socks) is the Breton Jacket. Although I know I won't end up doing it as it looks very much like a certain recent FO. I think that's why I like it. Oh yes, there is one other I don't mind, strangely enough it's the Spartan Pullover. I'm usually not a big fan of fair isle, but this one isn't too bad. Might be because it's all one colour fair isle, not multi coloured. Hmmm, at least there looks to be some good articles, as always.

And before I go, I have set up a forum so get yourself a-chatting!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You know you've been a bad blogger

When your mum reminds you that you haven't done a blog post lately...

I guess not much has been going on of note lately - lots of Leo, then some more Leo, and well, you know the rest. The never ending rib is going on forever (much like the Never Ending Story), however I am hopeful that I will not make it to the sequel (because we all know how poor Never Ending Story 2 was, and we don't want to go there).

And how cute is this Pancake stitch marker from Amy. I love her markers, so much so that I now stock them. They are little pieces of art.

I have a small confession to make. Today as I was donning my favourite jumper, I realised that it, uh..... may be made of something that might be considered novelty yarn.

It was made from Katia (um, Danubio I think it was called) and it's not the best finishing job I have ever done, but I do love it to bits. This is the second year I have worn it all through winter. I won't mention the 'n' word again. I promise.

Just after my last post (almost 2 weeks ago, I hang my head in shame) I went along to SSK in Newtown. I finally got to meet the lovely Jussi with her beautiful ripply scarf (and go check her gorgeous new store) and the very talented Alison who brought along her gorgeous new quilt she working on, her quilting is such an inspiration to me, not a country bear in sight. I, of course had Leo with me. I am being very restrained at the moment, only working on one project and I will continue to do so until it is done...

Or maybe until I finish the body, because god knows I will need a break from the 5x3 rib from hell by then.