Sunday, April 22, 2007

Faster than a moving toddler

Sheesh, where has this last month gone? One second I'm up to my eyeballs in sport and the next... well I'm still up to my eyeballs in sport. But I'm still here, hanging on by my nails to this year that is rapidly disappearing before me. Why is it as you get older time goes quicker? Like when you leave school, time does the old hippity hop and next thing you're celebrating your 21st. And don't get me started on when kiddlets arrive, suddenly you're travelling at warp 9 (cause y'know, we can't go to warp 10 yet, I mean really, you all should be up on the latest Star Trek trivia) (SHUDDUP I know I am a nerd) and wondering when your son started replying 'of course I can!' when you as him to do things. Not that I am complaining, because really his manners are impecable, but didn't he only start walking no long ago? Oi, I can't keep up.

So I won't bore you with the worky details of why I've been absent, lets just say that my 2.5 day a week job is kinda a lot more than that. More like 5 days. 5 VERY LONG days. But as much as it has been frantic, it has renewed my interest in what I do, which was sorely needed after 10 years of editing. The tough part is finding the work/home balance, doubly more difficult when you do most of your work at home so you never really leave the office.

I have found very little time to knit, as most of my non-work time is in front of the TV (cause you know I just can't get enough, you'd think I'd be over the idiot box after having to watch it all day as part of my job...) and usually TV time is knitting time. Recently however, TV time has been brain dead time, thus the lack of knitting progress. The baby knit for my friend is on the home strecth, so hopefully I will have some pics very soon. The Print 0' the Wave Stole that is a Scarf is... hiding in the other room. The prospect of picking up 20 billion sts (ok, a small exagguration, but it sure feels like that much) is just too much information for my space poor grey cells right now so it will languish a while longer.

The one project I can show you is Little Man's latest pair of bed socks. I have knitted Little Man bed socks every year for the past 3 years, check out the size of those monster feet now.

And here they are rapidly retreating over the couch.


Blogger Meg said...

Tell me about it! My non-work time has strangely become closely associated with the idiot box as well, and the complicated knits I used to be able to do (whilst having the tv on 'just for company') have not been seen in these parts for months! The straight stocking stitch project have suddenly become my bread-and-butter.
But I'm glad you're working so hard because if there's one thing I LOVE it's sport on tv. So keep up the great work! :)
And I think perhaps there's room in the sports world for couch-hurdles. What do you reckon? LM is at the forefront of an elite group!

5:28 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hey - what are you up to Taryn??? :-) Sharon

9:48 pm

Anonymous Natalie said...

Taaaaryn, where aaaare you?

10:23 am


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