Monday, September 19, 2005

Running with needles

You'll have to excuse my poor photos today - we left our digi camera in a car that has gone off to be serviced. Clever we are. So I have to make do with the stunning quality of my mobile phone.

I sent the slippers though in the front loader today - front loaders rule.
They fit like a DREAM, I now have them drying stuffed with plastic bags to get a bit of shape into them.

I love em, and hope that I can get some wear out of them before we hit a few more 28C days.

I'm making good progress on the shrug, although it's looking decidedly purple in this shot (thanks mobile camera!). I reckon I'm about halfway across the back. I keep having to frog it though cause my mind starts to wander and then somehow I have 58 sts instead of 59...

Tomorrow I'm off to Celia's for a morning of spinning and, as my husband suspects, gasbagging (to the foreigners reading this, 'gasbagging' is a lovely slang term for chatting. We aussies love our slang). Meeting a fellow knitter is always fun and I don't get to do it very often. I hope I can come home with something less resembling cat barf and closer to resembling something I can actually use.

Then in the afternoon I have an appointment that always fills me with terror.

I am seeing a New Hairdresser.

You see, I have curly hair. When it's in good condition it resembles Nicole Kidman's. Currently it is NOT in good condition and it resembles split ended string. I don't know how it has gotten like this, after my last haircut from another New Hairdresser (we'll call this one The Hairdresser Who Kills Curls) it was in the worst state it's ever been in. I don't know what she did, but it was BAD. So I'm off to a hairdresser that comes highly recommended for curly hair - fingers crossed he does something spectacular with the mess on my head.

And here is something you don't like to see - for the saftey of your child, OR your bamboo straights...

Thankfully there was no running, but alot of bashing said bamboo's against anything hard.


Blogger celia said...


I am just as excited about tomorrow as you are. I look forward to seeing yur new curls!

Going to a new hairdresser is nearly as scary as going to a new dentist, to me. So I empathise with you.. good luck!


6:53 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Bad girl. Bad, bad girl. You KNOW I want anything I can get my hands on from OS - in particular, Artyarns, Lorna's Laces, Peace Fleece, Koigu, Cascade 220, Noro, and multitudes of others I can't think of right now.
BTW, your first spinning looks great, and believe me, it does get better, feels more natural. As with anything, it's practice, practice, practice!!!

7:13 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Where is the new to you LYS that is so fabulous? Spinning is fantastic fun - Hang in there it will click! Your slippers look fantastic! Oh Knitpicks FOR SURE by the way, Koigu, and yep lorna's laces.... Yum...:-) Stripey

10:26 pm

Blogger Rachael said...

Love the slippers, and much luck with the new hairdressers! I'm off to my new one on Friday, actually it's haircut number two from her and I'm hoping she does as good a job as the last time, 'cos I loved it!
Now, ditto to all the above yarns, you yarn mule you...we live in hope..

ps Those word verification combinations crack me up! I have a bad habit of saying them as a word..oops, did I "write" that out loud?

8:29 am

Blogger Meg said...

Ditto Alison, Lorna's Laces and Cascade 220 would also be good to try at least. I never thought about how funny the word gasbagging sounded until you explained it.

3:24 pm

Anonymous Tim said...

Good Job! :)

4:16 am

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