Saturday, January 20, 2007

Eggplants and foot hockey

Almost into week 2 of all work, all the time. And do not ask me why I was up at 8.30am after getting to bed at 2am. Early night last night too, we were all pleased to be leaving work at 1am (thanks Andy Roddick and Marat Safin for not having a 5 hour, 5 set marathon match). Let me tell you, 2am viewing is disturbing. Alias is on (there is a god) however I have just watched the episodes they are playing so don't feel the need to watch them again. So that leaves a little tragedy called 'Quiz Mania'. Oh, how we joke on the night bus about that one. Basically it's a quiz show that callers ring into (at 55c a call) to answer questions and win money. Last night the clue was foot, and you had to finish the word, so foot-ball or foot-steps, etc, etc. The answer that had everyone stumped was foot hockey (??? Apparently played in primary schools. I never knew). The night before was a cracker, they even had a picture of the answer and on screen was written 'EGGPL_NT'. Like my favourite vapid 'Quiz Mania' host informed me 'It's not brain science, it's not rocket surgery'.....

No more famous friends since last weeks interview, but I did walk past Roger Federer in the hallway the other day. Surprisingly, he's kinda short (just under 6 foot? I expected him to be taller).

Knitting is coming along nicely. I am onto repeat 12 or something like that of the Print O' the Wave. This is where I would be inserting a picture of it if I had been smart enough to charge my camera battery before leaving home...

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Monday: Fly to Melbourne at silly hour. Arrive and answer 2 billion emails.
Tuesday: Develop large blisters on the walk to work. Place 7 bandaids on blisters. Answer 2 billion emails.
Wednesday: Try to avoid OH&S man while wearing open toed shoes to alleviate my blisters (not allowed in the compound). Answer 2 billion emails.
Thursday: Interview Andy Roddick. While wearing open toed shoes. Get back to work and hide from OH&S man. Answer 2 billion emails. Did I mention, ANDY RODDICK?

The total stress and highlight of the week - my first famous interview in my new position. We were allotted a whole 12 mins with him (yes, we were timed) but it went smoothly and I think will turn out a treat.

If you haven't guessed, it's that time of year again - Australian Open time. Time by myself without my boys (sniff, sob) but also a bit of time to concentrate on tough lace projects (no I haven't lost my mind, Butterfly is not here with me) (however there are certain people who are in the early stages of insanity feeling the love). I've brought along Print o' the Wave which was coming along swimmingly (snort), until I noticed a dropped stitch and had to frog 6 rows to fix it. Last night I finished a row and ended up with 3 sts less than I needed to have. I might do some more of the KSH jumper (although I must say, one thousand sweaters has some weird instructions, I hope the KSH project demon hasn't reared it's ugly head again) (it's cursed yarn I tell you).

Off to watch some of my Melrose Place DVD box set (how SAD is that) (but also, SO GOOD).