Saturday, August 19, 2006

Riding in cars with boys

This morning as I made my way from the craft room back to my computer I looked down to see this.

Under my desk was this.

I looked up onto my desk and saw this.

I made my way into the loungeroom, and was greeted with this.

And of course, no trip to the bathroom is complete without this.

His father insists he needs more cars; well he would wouldn't he, when this is what HIS collection consists of:-

lurking in the garage...

on the driveway...

round the side of the house.

It is hard being the only girl in this house sometimes.

Look at Leo!

Onto the sleeves, doing both on one circular to hopefully get it over with quicker. It's not that I don't like knitting stuff for DH, it's just that I inevitably have many steps to get through everytime I make something - Sub the yarn, change the needle size, frog it (at least twice) agonize over it, sigh at when it's all over because it's finally done, sigh because the fit is not what I would have liked, sulk because I know I have to do it all again and try and get it right.
Let's hope that the last two steps don't come to fruition this time.

As I have been saintly during this jumper and not knitted anything else (ok, maybe I dabbled in other things a couple of times. I am only human) I am looking towards what to knit next. Since we have been feeling the hint of spring in the air (oh yes, that would be something else to sigh over, finishing the jumper in the wrong season) I think a cute little top for spring would be just the ticket. Either Rusted Root or Tempting... or maybe Tempting II... hmmm, I love them all. Will have to ponder some more (ya we all know this viscous cycle- ponder, ponder, ponder, find something else, for get the other things we were pondering and make new thing because we pondered for so long and no longer like the previous objects of fascination...)


Blogger Rachael said...

I hear you about the cars! (Little ones live in the shower, but Spiderman is the bathroon sink lookout, and my sample quilt apparently is a great road!). My garage is choc a block full of a 52Chev ute, while my old 75 Honda civic has a rest at the in-laws property!
Good luck with leo (Did you know the star sign Leo is supposed to be the most stubborn of all the signs...typically my 6yo is a Leo, so yeo they are sooo stuborn!)

10:20 am

Blogger Meg said...

No cars in this house, though I wouldn't mind a mini for myself...
Fiver's hobby is beer brewing so it's all oats, barley, hops, and yeast. Most of it is banished to the shed (the knitting therefore gets the *whole* study!) but there are always one or two strange vials of things propagating in the fridge!
Gotta love the menfolk and their obsessions!

6:06 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

Get thee to the RSPCA and purchase a femaile something-or-other to start to fix this horrible imbalance.

11:40 pm

Blogger Rebecca said...

i love all the little old cars!! my grpa has 3 itty crosley's he's redoing.
i'm forever picking up hotwheels and micro machines - ohhhh, but the girls as just as bad - tiny little polly pocket shoes- ugh

3:40 am

Blogger Kylie said...

I love it! Your post made me laugh out loud:)

1:25 pm


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