Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cashmere daaarlink

In honor of joining in on the Spin Knitties ring, I thought I might show you my latest yarn on the bobbin.
May I introduce the ever so delightful, and endlessly soft, Ms. Cash Mere

I may never want to spin anything else ever again. I have crossed over to the Dark Side (as long as there is copious amounts of cashmere on the Dark Side that's fine with me).

I'm thinking it might finally become a scarf, lace and everything. These ones (p08, middle and right hand side scarves) have caught my eye. It wants to be fine, so fine it shall be (demanding is Ms. Mere).

Ahhhh, so soft. Even merino feels like a scouring pad after spinning this beauty.


Blogger Sarah said...

Ooohhh! Nice !

I wanna see it when it's all skein-y!

6:51 am

Blogger celia said...

Hello Miss mere. Can I come pet you? (or does that sound obscene?)


8:26 am

Anonymous Penny said...

Hey Taryn, hadn't been on for a while, so thought I would check out what you have been up to.

Nice kitchen btw, heard you were painting. how's the couches from bayswiss.

catch u on msn soon.


12:55 pm

Blogger Lynne said...

Is your cashmere really short? I bought some and most of it isn't even an inch long, which has me bushed about how to spin it. How are you finding it to spin? (apart from lush :-)
I'm spinning some corriedale into what might be thinner than laceweight at present.

9:25 am

Blogger NattyChick said...

Ooooh, that looks so nice. I came here looking for 'Leo' progress Taryn! LOL I guess you have eben otherwise occupied (understandably).

10:20 am


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