Tuesday, August 15, 2006

knit knit knit knit knit purl purl purl

5 x 3 rib makes for dull blogging.
Yep, still slogging along on Leo. 2 weeks before spring starts, really should get a wriggle on or else DH won't be wearing it this year. I am lucky I guess that it is not super heavy, it should be ok for September. I have been so focused, staying just with Leo (ok, so maybe I did just a little swatch of some cheapo Panda Regal 4 ply cotton I picked up, I had to look at some other yarn for a few minutes). That's dedication for you. I'm finished on the back, now onto the front. I'm wondering if i can be really tricky for the arms and join the shoulders, pick up sts around the armhole and do the arm in the round from the armhole down (yay, less seaming!! woohoo!!). Is it possible to do it this way? Has anyone ever done it with success?

More on the home improvement front, I have found another couch that I want. Even better it is currently on 2 years interest free - guess what we are doing on Thursday!! Love you Bayswiss (getting the 2 and 3 seaters, mmmm yummy). It has been so long since I had new furniture, I can't wait.

Off to sit on the couch and contemplate my navel, uh I mean knit some more Leo.


Blogger Meg said...

Wow! Soon you will have a new couch and I bet that will give Leo a new Lease on Life. (They say a change is as good as a holiday!)
Your sleeve idea is interesting, I would be worried about losing the "structure" that is created with seams?

9:52 am


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