Thursday, August 10, 2006

New! And improved!

You may remember a photo recently of me and my failed Saturday Market Bag, standing in my VERY UGLY KITCHEN (due to foul 70s wallpaper). Here's a reminder just in case you missed that tasteful design.

Well, over the weekend, I got jack of it. Now it looks like this.

The doors still have to be done (they are still baby poo yellow. Nice) and I have to tidy up around the corners and skirting, but it is SO MUCH BETTER. I feel like it now matches the modern colour scheme in the rest of the house (actually the white in the rest of the house is a bit beiger but eh, I like it bright white in the kitchen.) I reckon our landlord should be knocking something off our rent for this, we are nice renters to be painting his house.

Onto Leo, up to the armhole shaping. I'm staying on the circ to do it, I've never done it this way before as I usually swap to straights when I get to the shaping but it's working out a treat. So much easier than hunting about for a pair of straights that are the same size (I actually think I don't even have straights in this size, so it was a necessity really).

Next on the list of to do, I am torn between 2 things (yes, yes I know you are not at all surprised as I do have a rather long history of what-to-knit-next-itis). One is the lovely new offering from Stefanie, the other is the new offering from the girls at Zephyr. Yes, I am looking to summer, willing it to come as it is DAMN COLD today. Whadaya think?

My postie was so very nice to me today and dropped off the new issue of Interweave Knits into the letterbox.
I've had a flick through.... feh. It is SO NOT making me overjoyed. It's a bit blah really. I hate when you are looking forward to something and when you get it, it fails to live up to expectations. Hmpf. I guess the only thing I might consider knitting in it (besides the Father and Son socks, just cause they are socks and it's hard to go wrong with socks) is the Breton Jacket. Although I know I won't end up doing it as it looks very much like a certain recent FO. I think that's why I like it. Oh yes, there is one other I don't mind, strangely enough it's the Spartan Pullover. I'm usually not a big fan of fair isle, but this one isn't too bad. Might be because it's all one colour fair isle, not multi coloured. Hmmm, at least there looks to be some good articles, as always.

And before I go, I have set up a forum so get yourself a-chatting!


Blogger Meg said...

Hi, I'm a bit feh about the new IK as well. The Breton Jacket caught my eye but then I think it looks awful from the back. I love the Rusted Root from zephyr - can you make that please so I can see how it turns out? : )
Good work on Leo - you're nearly there!

5:44 pm

Blogger Rebecca said...

just found your place today. very nice. oh wow! what a difference some paint makes! you'd really think this would inspire me... yet, i still sit here LOL
i look forward to seeing more of your knits :D

10:47 pm

Blogger Sarah said...

Wow! I like the no wall paper look!

And actually, the yellow doors don't look so bad now.

Congrats, taking down wallpaper is a B****!

4:51 am


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