Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good thing it's not for me

I could wear it as a dress.


well... almost finished. Apart from weaving in. And blocking. And seaming. And knitting the neck.

Ok, so not even close. BUT ALMOST THERE!

Aye, this has been a slog and a half for me. I have knit this to the exclusion of all else, and when you are knitting 5x3 rib until you feel like your brain might melt that is no mean feat.
Here you can see my Addi's assisting the brain meltage. (Lucky they aren't KnitPicks Options, I might have punctured something).

So to celebrate, I'm going to cast on for something for ME. You may have been following my indecision, procrastination, and general confusion over what to knit next (lets be honest, every other post I make is littered with indecision, procrastination and confusion...) and I haven't moved any further down the path to enlightenment. I think I am leaning towards Rusted Root... ask me tomorrow I'll have changed my mind. Of course, I don't have anything in my stash that is at all suitable (does anyone else have a stash full of unsuitable yarns? Thus, the reason why I don't stash buy on impulse anymore).

You may have noticed my absence over the last month. It's called The New Job. Or maybe I should call it, the Old Job with some New Bits Added that I do along with The Other Job which is not really like a Job but more like Yarn Fondling Heaven. (and speaking of Yarn Fondling Heaven, I have a sale on until Sunday night; get yourselves over there and grab some bargains). So, The New Job. I have to be all boss like and power dress on occasion. Oh and talk high ranking execs in meetings... while I go beetroot red (more on my beetroot adventures can be found here). But it's new and different, and I haven't done new and different in about 10 years, so it makes a nice change.

Before I go, pop over and say hi to my friend Penny, sewing extraordinaire (seriously, I am in awe of how she can sit at not only a sewing machine but an OVERLOCKER too and not want to throw them across the room and get stuff made).


Blogger Meg said...

Weaving in? Blocking? Seaming? Neck? Those hardly count after all those acres of 5x3 rib - you're practically THERE!!! Woo hoo!
Congrats!! Now, where's that cold snap we've been expecting, so it can be worn once or twice before being mothballed...
PS Congrats also on the New Job! Does this mean you're working regular hours? You must come to snb sometime if that is the case!

9:21 am

Anonymous claudine said...

I love the photo! Tee hee!

4:49 pm


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