Thursday, September 07, 2006

Racy Red

I have started Rusted Root in racy red. Cotton from Sirdar (Luxury Soft) and it splits like you would not believe, However the further I get into the ball the less it splits so it might just be the end of the ball that's a bit loose. I wanted to get Twilley's Freedom DK Cotton but the red was too fire engine for my taste.
I have already frogged it - serves me right for paying more attention to Rockstar: Supernova than knitting (Donni, what is going on with our girl? A bit of controversy and she's gone way downhill. I'm predicting Toby now).

Leo is blocking in the spare room, I'm hoping to get it sewn up this afternoon before I go to spinning (and spin some more cashmere daaaaarlink).

Get your boats out Sydneysiders - what's with all the rain and where have the 27 degrees days gone? I would be happier about it if it were falling in the dams.


Anonymous Supernova Groupie No 2 said...

Too funny and almost too predictable given the Survivor link - she is going tonight I am sure of it! What a shame but then again she hasn't taken the public sledging very well either. You are right - only 1/2 hour away and I am betting on Toby all the way - especially the way that big Tommy behaves towards him!

Oh, and you can't tell me you have a small "stash" are far more restrained from your stock if that is that case than I ever was.

See you soon !

8:00 pm


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