Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Two posts in two days!

Hold me back!
Just had to put some pics up, show you the goodies..

First up, Rusted Root (again looking pink - it's RED i tell you) - seen here lazing with my new bag that I got from Cirque du Soliel.

And the other side. I love it.

Oh and the other bag I got - I'm a lucky girl :)))

On Sunday we did a yarn swap - this is what I got. Look at those gorgeous colours!! Thanks Sharon! And the book (I have been coveting Yarn Harlot books forever) was from Donni (who now has a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy).

You can see a lack of Leo pics? Well , when I took these photos DH was still at work, so I will have to snap him on the weekend in it (cause it looks like a lump of ribbing when it's not being worn).


Anonymous sarah said...

WOW, that Cirque du Soliel bag is something else, sooooo cool!!! and you're rusted root is coming along quite nicely, looks great!!! Fun fun!

11:52 pm


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