Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ya the Everlasting Leo is done and dusted. DH is wearing it to work today :)
But you know, I'm still not completely happy with it. The neck is too wide and you can see a couple of places on the front where I have done a purl instead of a knit, realised this about 5 rows down and then gone, 'stuff it, I'm not frogging 5 rows to fix that'. But it is DONE.

So I've started on Rusted Root (there ya go mum, the link just for you!) in the red cotton. Still splitting like a nasty piece of work, but eh I'll live. I've done about an 3 inches, coming along nicely.
Sorry no pics, I'll try and get my act together tomorrow and take some.

I had a very eventful weekend - on Saturday night we took ourselves off to see Cirque du Soliel. Man o man it was incredible. If you have the chance to go and see do so, it will blow you away. I love the intimacy of the tent too - you feel like you are a part of it. Then on Sunday I met up with a bunch of lovely ladies to have High Tea. This is a pretty accurate shot of the lighting situation. Just what you need for knitting.

Oh here we are.

From the left you can see Ailsa, Meg, Sharon, Donna, me and Donni...

WHOA, while getting the link for Donni's blog I saw that she posted about Knitty being up, gotta go check...

omg. omg omg OMG. I don't think I have ever been this much in love with almost every pattern in an issue.


Viveka, Cactus Flower (may have something to do with the fact that it is the EXACT same shaping as my almost a novelty jumper), Serrano, Avast (because you know I just need another mens garment to knit up as I have so much luck with the previous ones...), Sherwood (how cute is that!), oh I HAVE to knit Intolerable Cruelty, too cool for school. If I had lots of patience (bwahaha, I crack myself up) Lizard Ridge. Oh my. I could go on and post every link (hell, I'm almost there) but I won't. And the socks. Shame we are heading for 40 degree sweltering this summer...

And edited to add (because in my delirium over Knitty I forgot) go and check out Sandra's version of Branching Out. Love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to knit yourself a bib to wipe up all that drool LOL! Isn't it funny - I had pictured you with dark hair :-)

8:03 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Congrats on finishing Leo!
I spent lots of time at Knitty yesterday too - but didn't see anything that's immediately joining the queue at my knitting basket (which is kind of a relief?!)
Looking forward to Rusted Root. Do you know the band of the same name? They were prominent in my high school life soundtrack.

9:29 am

Anonymous Donni said...

Hmmmm, yes that Branching out looks LOVELY! In MY yarn! LOL.

Twas fun to meet....who is out tonight? LUKAS LUKAS LUKAS!

10:11 am

Anonymous Michelle said...

i like that intolerable cruelty too!! are you gonna knit that soon??

1:15 pm

Blogger velmalikevelvet said...

hi. if you are interested, i started a knitalong for intolerable cruelty. info is available at Intolerable Cruelty KAL. hope to see you there! cheers, velma

7:33 am

Anonymous Penny said...

i'm so jealous i have always wanted to see the circus.

u r doing well in your knitting, love the red top!!!

2:09 pm


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