Sunday, December 11, 2005

Master Harry

So I FINALLY got to see Harry today (after more eeeedjits at Hoyts trying to stop me - it's a conspiracy I'm sure).


If you haven't seen it yet, avert your eyes.

If you have and you've read the book, were you as disappointed as I? Every scene change you could hear me murmuring in the dark "but what about x' and 'huh? What was that about? I don't recall no dance lessons in the book'. I understand they need to drop stuff to fit a 800 odd page book into a 2 and a half hour movie, but to drop vital stuff for useless scenes such as the dance lessons. What about the house elves? The fact that Barty Jnr escapes and therefore the sole proof that Voldemort is alive is gone? Dumbledore in his speech - 'oh the ministry doesn't believe that he's back' but there is no storyline in the movie to show WHY they don't believe it. I reckon you would have had to have read the book and know it well to follow alot of the movie, DH kept saying 'and who's that' and 'what's that about?' The French girls for example, the sighing Veela thing, would you have known what they were doing if you hadn't read the book?


Hmpf. Everytime I see the next HP movie I am disappointed. Ah well, can't be perfect I guess.

Oh hey, don't faint - I have a knitting pic to post!

This is the start of my Go With the Flow Socks from IK, done in Lorna's Laces Icehouse (aren't I a good girl, I even bought it from myself and all!). I'm enjoying it immensely, it's such an easy pattern to memorise, even with my chart phobia!
Speaking of charts, have you seen the chart on Backyard Leaves in Scarf Style (as knitted by the lovely Meg, I love this scarf) aye aye aye this chart SCARES me. It's a WHOLE page, devoted to every stitch abbreviation known to knit-kind. People such as Celia get a kick out of this kinda thing. Me? I need a chocolate and a lie down.


Blogger Meg said...

I'm glad you've started some socks! Your chart phobia can easily be overcome after the chocolate and a lie down. I can give you some tips if you're keen to do Backyard Leaves!

9:45 am

Blogger stacey said...

Just found your blog. I TOTALLY agree with you about HP. All of my friends and family say that it was perfect but I disagree. It felt disjointed and there was a lot of stuff missing that I feel should have been there. It was a beautiful movie but not what I thought it should be. Glad I'm not the only one :o)

1:40 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sock is gorgeous so far! (Am I just now noticing, or did you recently enable commenting for non-Blogger users?) Anyway, yay!
- Tiffany

4:03 pm


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