Wednesday, December 14, 2005


No, not a backwards Santa - I GOT MY INTERWEAVE KNITS WINTER 2005 TODAY!!!

I'm so happy, especially after all the drama I've heard other people having. Very cool, off to look at it now.

Before I go though, don't you love it when you come home to see the socks you are knitting... with no needles attached? Was I the silly mumma that forgot to put her knitting out of reach last night so the Little Man wouldn't be able to play with them....


Blogger Meg said...

I have heard a similar story about a woman whose dog mangled her 90% finished Kiri shawl one day while she was at work! Hope you can salvage the socks! I got my IK yesterday as well - some juicy things to choose from, I'll look forward to your review.

8:19 am

Blogger melissa said...

hello ...
i can't seem to see an email address . .
. i would like to join the summer sock knit along .
it might give me a kickstart to finish a few second socks and use the excess wool in the sock pile
missy says at g mail dot com

10:28 am

Blogger Beak-Knits said...

Eeek! My toddler has removed the needles on the vest I am frantically trying to finish for my Dad so many times this week...I feel your pain.

1:52 pm


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