Friday, October 27, 2006

Resistance is futile

It sits in my stash. Taunting.

Butter-%^&**-fly is still languishing in the craft room. I have made an executive decision.
No More Butterfly.

This week has been one of gathering. And (almost) finishing.

Gathering in the form of this (and trying to be stolen by the stealth hand of Little Man):-

The infamous Harlot found at Borders! So happy about that, I snatched it up and practically ran to the counter. Even better I had a 15% off discount voucher. Also in the same trip, next years calendar. I haven't been able to get these in previous years so I was a happy bunny about that purchase too.

Does it strike you as odd that I should sit around reading 'Speedcleaning' while my newly hired house cleaner cleans my house? I had a moment of it all being too much last week when I had a 2 billion things to do and not enough time to do them. I like to have a clean house, in fact before I had Little Man I secretly liked the fact that DH would call me 'Monica' (from Friends fame, not from presidential fame... ew) because I was a teeny bit anal about cleaning. I like a neat and tidy house. Post kiddlet I'm a bit more blase about it as I realise I cannot be superwoman and do my freelance job, my part-time job (which is more like full-time some weeks), my yarn job, look after Little Man and have a clean house. So I bit the bullet and got the cleaner. First week this week, house is looking sparkly. But as I read Speedcleaning every night before bed (SHUDUP I know I am sad) I think to myself 'I could do that. I could find 15 mins in my day to do that.' It really does sound doable, it just takes time to get everything you need together.

So, knitting (cause I know you're all here to read about my neurosies). The baby knit is all but done, needs the pockets sewn up, button put on and a trip through the wash. I had to do the neck twice, the picking up around the neck caused some nasty holes and I couldn't be doing with that. It looks better now, not completely happy with it, but I don't think it's going to get any better. Next up I might do a bunny that is also in the Baby Cashmerino book.

Today I picked up this from my favourite local newsagent.

Can I just say... this issue is up there with Rowan. I know a big call, but lately Rowan has been going a bit to arty farty for my taste and the garments are just not cutting it. This, however, is a stellar issue. Lots of nice things to make, and I may have found a new project for Crack Silk Haze...

Or even this one (but the shorter version, not with that nasty seam on the right hand side).

And I can see these on my new couch (when it FINALLY gets here)

I have been hunting for a plain cardy for ever, this one is just right.

I likey a lot.


Anonymous Donna said...

Love, love, love the new Jo Sharp book! And I bought Speedcleaning last weekend too. I read parts of it, and realised that for the whole concept to work, everyone needs to put their own crap away, and not leve it for me.
I wish!
It takes me an entire day to clean Em's room alone!

7:35 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

Strike one up for me also with Jo Sharp! It is lovely isn't it!

8:39 pm

Blogger Lynne said...

So is Speedcleaning a goer? Donna says nay cos everyone has to pitch in. I need to keep this place under control better.
The new Jo Shartp book is a goer. I should check it out!

3:45 pm

Anonymous Michelle said...

i just bought knit 2 mag too!! all the patterns are simply gorgeous!!!

6:51 pm


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