Sunday, October 01, 2006

What kind of knitter are you?

As I was lying in the bath yesterday trying to ease my flu aches, I read something in "At Knits End" (from the lovely Donni) that made me think. It mentioned something about process knitters and product knitters - that is, people who knit for the process and those who knit for the finished product. Immediately I knew which category I fell in - I'm a product knitter. When I knit, I want to get to the end. Don't get me wrong, I love the process, but somewhere between the 200th and 250th row of stocking stitch my mind starts to go a bit bonkers and I just want out of there. I become a bit possessed and I have to finish. In fact, I would have been happier if I was finished yesterday. I think this is why I have troubles with lace. You can't just speed up and get it over with when doing lace, you have to concentrate to the very last stitch.

I have 2 UFOs at current - French Market Bag and Butterfly (well, actually there are three, but I'm a bit meh about Tomten at the moment). Two completely different projects, and both my own version of hell. One, endless rows of stocking stitch I have been knitting FOREVER that, even though is perfect TV knitting, I cannot bring myself to knit for any length of time. The other is some kind of lace nightmare knitted on yarn that is sent to torture me. Since I am project-less at the moment I decided the other night I should try and get those monkeys off my back.

I pulled out Butterfly. Looked at it. Looked at the pattern. Looked for my notes (couldn't find them). Counted the stitches.
Where on earth in the pattern was I? After about 10 mins of trying to figure it out, I decided that row 10 looked about right and started to knit. Actually, I should say ATTEMPTED to knit. Can I just point out here that the cart on this thing would be a suitable size if you were, say, an ANT? After about stitch 10 (which took me another 10 mins of cursing all and sundry) I gave up in disgust. Threw it back in the bag, chucked it in my craft room, gave it the finger and huffed off. Clearly, when you give inanimate objects the finger you have serious issues. As I was huffing off I saw French Market Bag sitting all innocent like in a basket. So I picked it up and though 'eh, why not'.
Then I noticed that I had stoppers on the end of my Denise cord and no needles...
Do I remember the needle size I was using...?
That would be no.
DH says 'you're felting it, does it matter what the needle size is?' (see, he knows more about knitting that he lets on). He's right, does it matter that much? I pick a needle that looks about right and soldier on. And what do you know, I'm almost done! I look at it now and can see a definite shift in needle size (as in, I went larger) which is probably why it has suddenly gotten faster to knit. But who cares? Tomorrow I might have a competed French Market Bag!
And back to square one with nothing to knit.


Anonymous Donni said...

ahhhh, but that in itself opens up endless possibilities really doesn't it~! The thrill of the chase - the elusive pattern, the yarn that matches just right...the denise needles ever at the ready....I am sure it will be good....

6:51 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Sounds like you need to call in some international mediation team with Butterfly! Another imminent FO, though - that's exciting !!
I think I'm a product knitter too, but I like there to be something interesting in the process of it, like an unusual construction or a new technique to learn.

8:11 pm

Anonymous Michelle said...

what yarn did u use for the french market bag? yarns from big w??

2:44 pm

Blogger knitabulous said...

Hi Taryn,
I love making lace shawls, and like you I wouldn't wear one, but I don't care, I knit them anyway. I have never knitted a wearable garment, although I drean about it all the time. I guess that makes me a process knitter?

3:02 pm


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