Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lotsa ends to weave in

Doesn't a big pile of unblocked pieces look so beautiful?

Yep, all done on the pieces. But let me tell you, I think I lost my brain somewhere in between this knit and the last one because on the back and both fronts I managed to knit too much. As in, I had to knit for 14 cm on the back. I read forward to far where it said something about armhole shaping to be finished by 23cm, well ya know did I read that as START arm hole shaping at 23cm? Rippity rip rip. And the fronts? Same deal, but this time I wasn't paying attention and next thing I know I look down and have gone too far again. But hey, baby knits. So cute and quickity quick and so easy to fix.

I had a moment of sighing where I realised that I was about half a ball short. Popped up to the LYS to remedy that today and so now we are back on track. In the meantime while waiting to get back to the LYS (a whole 3 days as I ran out on Friday night, yup we are all action here on Friday nights - Alias season 1 DVD's and knitting. Oh and chocolate of course. Livin' on the edge!) Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I was knit-less so had to remedy that - got out some funky sample yarn (can't say who yet, super top secret) and decided to knit a pair of socks for a certain Little Man. Got out the trusty stitch dictionary of came up with this beauty, not too girly, not too boring, kinda fun. I like.

This afternoon (because I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY WORK TODAY. Can you hear me shouting that from here? NO. WORK. TODAY.) off to do some blocking. Oh and contemplating what I will wear at the Cup this year because I have been informed that I will have to leave the safety of my demountable and make my way through The Drunken Masses (TM) to film stuff. Which means no slothing around in crew t-shirts and jeans - gotta do the big frock up. Which has sent me screaming from my wardrobe 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!'

And you know that big ball of mess in the last post? Still going...


Anonymous Donni said...

Um, you know if you ever need test knitters for top secret soon to be stocked by Purl Yarns Yarn - well I am your gal! ;) Us Reality TV nutters have got to stick together right?

7:21 pm


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