Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wind, rain and dust

Every year about 200 people from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales converge on a little town called Hay.
It takes about 8 hours for us to drive there, and along the way we see a lot of this

Yep, it's brown and dry everywhere in Australia. Droughts do not help the situation.
We arrive in Hay on Friday afternoon, and promptly start this.

And well, we have other ways to keep warm.

Yes that is a wall of empty alcoholic beverage bottles.
The last time it rained in Hay was last year just before the Queen's Birthday weekend. So you can guess when the skies decided it was time to open again.

We watched the sky. There was NO WAY it was going to stop. All day Saturday it poured down. The parade through town went ahead, as did the show and shine (although there wasn't much shining going on).

We watched the sky some more, even when it was dark. No way was it going to stop. It looked liked the motorkhana was not going to happen on Sunday.
So what did we wake up to on Sunday?

Blue skies. Ground dry as a bone. And a DAMN FREEZING wind blowing. Perfect weather to be standing in a paddock for about 8 hours in. (can I just say, YAY for my Torino crew clothes).

But as much as it felt like the arctic circle out there, we had lots of fun. And we consoled ourselves with the fact that at least it was just windy, not wind AND rain.

Yep that's me kicking up the dust.

Later that night is the presentation. This year we were punks. Here we are in all our glory.

How hard are we.

Lots of knitting was done, but alas no pics - work keeps getting in the way of daylight hours. I'm halfway down on Vanille, but I'm VERY worried about the size. We shall see. Also still truckin' (I reckon I listened to the truckies on the CB WAY too much on the way home) (must say they're hilarious to listen to though) on the Saturday Market Bag, I love it. Just gotta get myself to the Gourmet Market so I can actually use it.


Blogger metal and knit said...

well i must admit you had a better weather weekend in hay than sydney had. I honestly thought it was going to snow in the gong on sunday

11:13 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

Nice ibt of Circle work there Taryn....and who was the anal/organised one to line up those bottles so nicely!

11:34 am


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