Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've said it before...

And I'll say it again - I love Borders.

I went in yesterday in the hope that I would find Martha Stewarts new offering, and there it was. Three rows of it. Oh my.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I joked to DH that it may be a good substitute for my fave magazine Living etc. as I have stopped buying it recently (after buying it monthly for almost 10 years... and I still have them all sitting in my cupboard for reference when we have our own home one day. Well, one can dream.) but maybe not when you check the price they are hocking it for in Borders (that would be $11.50). Lucky it's good. I'm such a magazine ho.

I've done the Jaywalker piece for the quilt. I like it, it's a easy repeat and nice to look at. Of course, that leaves me with nothing on the needles. I'm still doing the Big Search for the next jumper for DH. After much procastination, I do think that Leo might just send me round the bend (maybe I learnt my lesson with the acres of fisherman's rib that was involved in the Monster Jumper). I hope I find something soon as we have the annual Queen's Birthday long weekend trip away next weekend, which will involve 8 hours of knitting sitting in the car (and how funny is it that most Commonwealth countries celebrate the Queen's birthday with a public holiday, and the UK doesn't) (and of course we celebrate it nowhere near her actual birthday, any excuse for a public holiday eh?).


Blogger celia said...

I like the stripes. Great dyeing job :)

9:18 am

Blogger Rachael said...

will we bump into each other in BBay?

5:09 pm


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