Monday, June 05, 2006

New toys

It's all excitement around here today!

New Yarn!!

It's TLC Caramia from Spotlight, nice and soft, good colour (I will get DH out of black, I WILL) and cheap as chips at $4.99 a ball. Even has angora in it, nice. It's going on the needles to be Vanille.

Another shot of a huge lump of nothing! (otherwise known as Saturday Market Bag. I love it, it's heaps of fun to knit.

And progress with the Crack Silk Haze!! Here in the form of a swatch for Rufflette

I'm off to play with it all now (maybe not all at once though, might get a bit messy...)


Anonymous Donni said...

That Caramia was the yarn I was originally going to use for Sharon's blanket - it's nice isn't it! Also good to see another Wool Pusher not afraid to go further afield than their own stock ;)

5:01 pm

Anonymous Michelle said...

oooh...i never tried that yarn before!! :) love the colour that you choose too!!

7:49 pm


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