Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I love my SP!!

OMG!! I got my Knitty SP package today!!! It feels like xmas!!!
DH opened it for me while I squealed with delight. Little Man was sitting on my lap giggling at his mama behaving like a kid in a yarn store!!

here's the run down:
2 balls of a beautiful, soft furry dark blue yarn from Lane Della Robbina (feels lovely like a cloud!)
3 balls of Cascade 'Pima Melange' (very perceptive sending cotton for the coming summer months!! Now to find a pattern, yipee!!)
2 balls of Sock it To me in Esprit (more socks!! I'm loving the socks right now)
1 skein of Knit Picks paint your own and 16 sachets of Kool-Aid in pink lemonade, cherry, lemonade and berry blue (I swear there was some scary mind reading going on here as I was only saying to DH the other night how I should get some Kool-Aid to do some dyeing with and complaining how we have to pay $1 a sachet for it from the USA food website over here!!)
And last but not least:

A gorgeous little book for Little Man! As you can see he is already enthralled!! He loves his books right now.



Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Cool score Taryn!! And how freaky is the kool-aid, after what we were talking about the other day...I can see some 'jinx' blogs coming up, now that I ahve my KP sock yarn, too!!

12:58 pm

Blogger Secret Pal said...

wow, that was fast!

I am so happy you liked everything and that Little Man is enjoying the book.

$1 for ONE sachet of Kool-aid? I'll send more your way, here is $1 for 10!

2:38 pm

Blogger Rachael said...

Maybe you could start a Kool-Aid import company, I'm sure you'd find plenty of takers here! Can't wait to see the finished results, hope you do it soon!

4:09 pm


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