Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stop that Bandwagon! I wanna get on!

The Clapotis bandwagon that is; I've officially hopped on board.

Yesterday my lurverly Noro Silk Garden arrived from the US - I tell you it must have been sent via space craft as it took a total of 4 DAYS to get here! I was very excited and started straight away onto Clapotis (after checking on knitting help to figure out how to do a pf&b - I could never get my head around a purl version of a front and back). I've been knitting it almost non stop since I got it (got a tight deadline to get it done) and am almost through one ball. In fact if I could figure out how to type and knit at the same time I'd be doing that right now! Somebody stop me! I'm a machine!

Not having knitted with Noro before I am enjoying it immensely - the colours are gorgeous, and it actually feels quite nice, I had previously though it was quite scratchy but it's winning me over. I have discovered that I need some more nice stitch markers though, I used up my good ones very quickly and am now onto nasty plasctic ones. blurgh.

I had forgotten to tell you of my purchase from the Nasty LYS when I visited the other day (visited them the same day as the New, Special and Oh-so-nice LYS). I picked up some needles, and some Patons Zhivago which they had on sale for $2 a ball. I think I might make this, a nice little something for myself as I haven't done anything for me in a while.

On to the usual news of the MJ - finished the collar! Blocking the sleeves and when they are dry (hmm, they might be paying a visit to the dryer too if they don't come into line. We will see) they'll be sewn on and I'm ALMOST DONE! And the French Market Bag has taken a bit of a backseat as it's all about Noro Fever for me at the moment.


Blogger Meg said...

Hey Fuzzy Orange Bear writer. Guess what! I have nothing to sell you! Although I wish the very best for you, I don't care if you want to make money, nor does the size of your willie make a mote of difference to me! I just wanted to add a RKC (Real Knitter's Comment) here to counter-act all this other nonsense.
I love the way the colourway for your Clapotis is looking. I will vicariously have to live through your progress on it as my own progress on that particular project was hampered by a stupid dye-lot mistake (Mis-labelled hand-dyed hippie yarn - grrrr) and had to be frogged and I haven't been able to face it again.
As you know I'm in my own little Noro Silk Garden heaven with Backyard Leaves. It's ever an adventure wondering what colour's going to come up next, especially if you've wound your yarn into a ball.

1:19 pm

Blogger Rachael said...

I am not spam! My clapotis is one go-slow, for I have discovered SOCKS! But, now I feel bad for neglecting clappy since reading this and might pick it up a lttle more often! The evil yarn sellers were selling Zhivago at $2 a ball? Wow, I want to make that little wrappy vest thingy, (which bTW is also in CK#11) but the best I can do is spotlight but 3 balls get the 4th free!

1:22 pm

Blogger Taryn said...

wowee go away for the day and look what happens. i'll be turning off the anon posts then!!
thanks to meg and rachael for the calm amongst the storm ;)

4:13 pm

Blogger Taryn said...

ok deleted all the nonsense.
damn spam.

4:21 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Hiya Taryn! The Noro looks gorgeous - I haven't yet had the pleasure of 'meeting' Noro IRL, maybe one day....And I love my Clapotis, I've worn it most days since I finished her, the weather here certainly warrants it!
I was toying with the the idea of using Zhivago for a Tivoli T, whaddya reckon?? Very little cotton available here, although I have ordered the Shine colour card from KnitPicks (which should be here next week, yay!!!)
And yeah, I'm off to turn off Anonymous comments too, grrr!!!!
Cheers, Alison

3:06 pm

Blogger quaffy said...

I love your Silk Garden! I went to the ebay site you recommended and reeeally wanted to buy a pack (but I'm dieting until the stash goes away). In the meantime I'll live vicariously through you.

12:00 am


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