Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some cat barf to call my own

Amy was right - spinning is HARD.
Last night I had a 'sort of' lesson from my wheel loaner (I say 'sort of' as she hasn't spun for 25 years and kept telling me that I should get lessons from someone else).
Well, here's the results.

I could just say that's it's arty, you know kinda slubby, kinda thin. Yep those twisty bits all turning in on themselves? TOTALLY intentional. Freeform. Yeah that would be it.


Unfortunately spinning lessons don't start up until October now. So the lovely Celia has offered to help me out with some tips. I'll be setting off to her place sometime next week, bearing yummy treats for being so kind. She also doesn't know about the Super, Fabulous, New (to me) LYS so a shopping trip may be in order; bwahahaha, opps sorry didn't mean to show my dark yarn pusher side... (along with my Kool-Aid pushing that Rachael has suggested I could be onto something...)

So the sewing machine was calling my name today (makes a change from me calling it names) and I whipped up some pants for the Little Man to nap in, you know kinda loose and comfy. So I did these ones (right down the bottom of the page) and they turned out pretty good. But instead of elastic around the waist (getting my teeth pulled out would be preferable to sewing elastic) I put 2 long strips of fabric on the sides so he can tie it around karate pants style. Totally funky. I'll get some photos soon.

Almost done on the second slipper, I reckon I'll get it done tonight. I have swatched the Zhivago shrug; man it is slippery. SO much so I'm rethinking the whole Zhivago thing. Either that or I'll just HAVE to get some more bamboo straights....


p.s happy birthday to my mum! she LOVED Clapotis, woohoo!


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