Saturday, September 10, 2005

There is crazy...

And then there is CRAZY. And then there is some crazy talented people. Check it out here

I just had to post, I am in awe.


Blogger Secret Pal said...

Hi Taryn,
I put my first package in the mail for you yesterday. In my experience it takes about a week from here to there.
Let me know when you get it :-)

5:46 am

Blogger Rachael said...

Doesn't it make your eyes hurt, just thinking about making that? amazing...clever..thanks for the link! Oh and you'll have mail soon, how fun! Can't wait to see that!

9:28 am

Blogger Taryn said...

oooh i know, i'm VERY excited!!

9:33 am

Blogger Me said...

nice post....

9:42 am


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