Friday, September 23, 2005

A decision or three

Today I am in a state.

A state of indecisiveness.

I am coming to the end of the Zhivago Shrug, and I'm at a loss as to where to go next; End Of Project confusion.
Do I make Orangina? Tubular Camisole? or Pretty in Periwinkle? . And then there's the jumper for little man - Hood Sweatshirt Sweater? How about the Zipped Jacket?
And then there's the other issues; do I sit out in the glorious sunshine and knit, but not hear Little Man when he gets up from his nap, or do I sit inside the stuffy house and knit? And my garden; it will need a water after today, but is it a water restriction day? Do I have to wait patiently till the end of the day to spray my hose around with wild(ish) abandon, or will doing so incur the wrath of my Sydney Water neighbour (even though he is at least 500m away from my house on the other side of dense bush, those Sydney Water people have a nose for illegal water use. I can FEEL his telescopic eyesight boring into my skull from over here...)

Clearly my dog George has no such issues.

I blame all the concerns on the fact that my SAHM days are coming to an end, as I start on 6 weeks of job after job next Tuesday. One of these jobs means a trip to Melbourne (working on the Melbourne Cup, a fact you'd think I'd be excited about. You'd be wrong. My first thought is 'all those Melbourne LYS's!' Horses and pretty hats be damned, I NEED YARN! Melbournites, I need some recommendations). This, of course, means I have less time to knit. Those blissful 2ish hours a day when Little Man is getting his beauty sleep and I get some knitting done will be replaced with dark rooms, monitors and TV.

And no knitting.

Help me dear readers, before I breakdown in a pattern induced stupor.


Blogger Rachael said...

OK, my two cents worth is here:
So basically you are deciding between making something for you, or the little man in your life, If you make something for you, go for Orangina. That looks like a fun knit, and no straps that may stretch issues..(I'm thinking nipplegate???).And if the scales tip in favour of little man, go the Zipped Jacket! How CUTE is that, plus you'll learn the whole zipper in knits thing, see a learning curve.... But personally, I don't see why you can't knit both. There'll be time, you'll find it!
As for the watering thing, I just wanna wash my car!!!!! The grass is nearly dead anyway, but my car, filthy!

8:28 am


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