Wednesday, July 19, 2006

For the love of Addi

Today I got some Addi's in order to attempt to get gauge on Leo.
I have always wanted to try them, but never really needed a smaller size, being that I have my Denises and I'm usually not one for doing shawls (which seem to need the smaller size needle). I thought they would be super slippery, and they aren't they are PERFECT.
And to think that KnitPicks Options may be even better. I REALLY WANT THEM NOW.

So yes, you did read correctly, I'm going to cast on for Leo tonight. Of course I have gauge issues (well it wouldn't be a project for DH if I didn't sub yarn and change needle sizes now would it?). In an attempt to thwart problems further down the track, I'm calculating and recalculating to see if I'm doing the right thing. Put your maths head on now and see if this makes sense.

The pattern has a gauge of 24 sts to 10 cms. I'm getting 22 sts to 10 cms. The pattern says to cast on 153 sts. Now, being that I have a gauge of 22 sts instead of 24, does 140 sts seem right? (I went 153 divided by 24 which equals 6.375. So then I went 6.375 x 22 which equals 140.) Of, so working on that theory, I'm going to knit it in the round (after much discussion with Meg, such a dedicated knitter who ended up with a gauge of 42 and thus, rewrote the whole pattern. That's perserverance for you) and am I correct in saying that I have to remove 4 sts through loss of seams, therefore my final cast on being 136. *EDIT: because I am blonde and the follicles are eating my brain today, I forgot that it's 140 per side and there for my cast on would be 280 minus the 4 sts, so 276. duh. I think I'll take it down to 272 so it goes into 8 evenly. End of stupidity.

Now, to confuse matters even more, the rib goes
Row 1 [RS]: K3, [p3, k5] to last 6 sts, p3, k3.
As the original cast on does not go into 8 (p3, k5) evenly. Since 272 does, do I omit the k3 at the end and just continue on my merry way doing a p3, k5 all the way round?

Oi, this has taxed my maths phobic brain. I'm impressed that I managed to get that far and it all make sense.


Blogger Meg said...

Wait! Stop! There is a reason the rib starts that way - it's to keep the decreases at the armhole shaping symmetrical! (Remember in my email I was saying I stuffed that part up - I followed the same logic as you, cast on a number that's evenly divisible by 8 and wonder why on earth the pattern starts the rib that way!) Hmmm, I'm going to go email you about this right now! (Oh, and thanks for complimenting my perseverence. Frankly I think psychologists have a different name for my behaviour but we won't go there.)

9:28 am

Blogger Corrie said...

mmm I want to try my hand with some addi's as well, I think you've sold me! yet more knitting needles!

5:58 pm


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