Tuesday, July 18, 2006


One day I will learn.
One day I will read the pattern and get the correct gauged yarn.
One day I will NOT buy a yarn that requires me to go up a needle size 5 times more than what the label suggests, and think that this will be ok.
When this day comes I will make DH a jumper that will fit.
Today is not this day.

Yes folks, it should not surprise you to find out that Vanille does not fit. Like the Monster Jumper before it (which, although fit for about a day, is now hanging down way too far, and thus I will not let DH wear it out of the house) I have succeeded in knitting something that does not fit. It's a rare talent, email me if you wish to know the secrets.

So now, what to do? In my 'oh my god it does not fit AGAIN' stupor that I am currently riding in, I'm contemplating Leo, because obviously I need to be punished for my sins and I think knitting about an acre of rib would just about cover it.

Anyone got any better ideas? I am even contemplating casting on with KSH, yes it has come to that (for myself obviously, I think KSH might be just a teeny bit feminine for DH) (and I have enough trouble with KSH when knitting it for myself without adding my own special DH sweater curse into the mix).


Blogger Meg said...

What an absolute nightmare! I'm happy to give you the low-down on my Leo experience, just email me. (I don't think the nitty gritty details are appropriate for a public forum such as a blog comment! : }) However, I will just say that I had an absolute killer of a time trying to find yarn of the correct gauge for Leo and would up rewriting the whole pattern for the yarn we chose in the end. That said, rib is, as you know, very forgiving and can result in a fantastic looking fitted jumper without too much actual agony over whether its 20 or 22 sts per 10cm. I also found the book Men In Knits in my local library once and it was really good on fit and male body type issues. I made my stepfather (whose size I just randomly guessed at) a button-up vest from that book and he loves it.

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