Sunday, July 16, 2006


Another day, another want.
We all know about the love I have for my Denises. Light, easy, and lots of options for when you need a 100cm cord (not that I ever have, but you know what I mean).
However, there maybe a contender to the throne. KnitPicks Options. Oh my, they sure are pretty. And I WANT.
I've read so many positives about them, people are even saying they may be better than Addis. BETTER THAN ADDIS PEOPLE. That is a serious claim.
There are 2 draw backs though, one being do I really need to get another interchangeable needle set? And two, KnitPicks are notoriously hard to get for anyone not in the States (although it does help when you know someone with a KnitPicks pusher... heh heh). But oh do I want...

Another thing I want (and not at all related) is a new couch. We have 2 - one that I recovered a few years back which is now coming apart (as I am definitely NOT trained in reupholstering), and another that we bought about 5 years ago. It looks like it's about 20 years old now, wearing on the corners and has muck all over it thanks to a 2 year olds hands. DH has promised that I can get a new one at the end of this year so I have been on the hunt. I must say I have never been one that is keen on leather, however having a toddler has changed all that and I am looking at this one (love you IKEA). I sat on it the other day, it's comfy and more important I CAN WIPE IT. Liking that. DH, however, likes the idea of a Lazyboy (a la Joey and Chandler). I have told him in no uncertain terms that that type of design tragedy will be fine... in the garage. There is another couch that has a armchair that is Lazyboy like, but those padded backs are reminding me of something you might see in a retirement home. There will be much discussion.

Today I braved the murky waters that is Spotlight on a sunday. I was inspired by Amy and the latest copy of Shop till you Drop, which is showing a lot of girly girly stuff next season. Along with some hideous 80s throwbacks that should not be revisited, what is with that? Anyway, I picked up McCall's 5042 and some cute fabric and hopefully I can make peace with the sewing machine and make something wearable. I think teamed with a pair of Keds I might even look halfway stylish!

Speaking of lady like things for summer - this year I HAVE TO finally make Tempting II. How cute would that look with this cute skirt. We'll see how many of these wants actually come to fruition, I am the queen of procrastination after all.

Edited to add: I have just found this link over at Moppy & Me and it is so darn cute I can't stand it. I WANT WANT WANT. (especially those books, so much easier on here to look at than on Borders Japan.)


Blogger Rachael said...

Better than Addis? I've been reading and drooling over those Knitpicks interchangables, now this? Tarryn, if you supply 'em, I'll buy 'em.....

5:43 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

Evil temptress....

9:21 am

Anonymous Tiffany said...

I swapped my Denise set with someone at Knitty and bought the Options set. My opinion: they really are better than Addis. And I love Addis. =D

1:23 pm


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