Saturday, July 01, 2006

Treats for all

Little Man no longer has cold tootsies, thanks to his legend Mama (uh, that would be me)

Knitted in Inca by Patons (the leftovers from DH's Monster Jumper) pattern was from, here. I love it, and I love even more that it holds the heat so well that it is still warm in the morning, even when the water in it was only tap hot not boiling hot - amazing! He's so cute, he hops into bed and tucks his feet under it, sweet.

I have started on Tomten from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears (as inspired by Abi) in K-Marts own brand (Homemaker 'Clinker'), surprisingly soft for a cheapy. It's working up a treat, as you can see by this HUGE amount of progress, started last night while watching King Kong - MY GOD is that the longest movie EVER. So long we are watching the rest of it tonight as after one and a half hours last night we were ready for bed. They haven't even left the island yet - don't they have to go to the city so he can hang off the Chrysler Building or something? I'll know soon enough, we're watching part 2 of what we are now calling a mini series shortly.

I would have had more done on it if I hadn't cast on, then decided to do an intarsia knit so had to re-cast on with both colours, then realise that having one ball of brown makes it a bit difficult when you want to use the same colour at both ends of the row. Thus ensued a search on the inside of the ball for the end of the yarn so I could use the same ball for both ends. Of course, this resulted in a tangled mess all over my lap that I had to untangle in order to continue. Sigh, it's so hard to make it through the day with blonde follicles sometimes. And can I say that I have been spoilt by using nice needles (bamboo and my Denise's) lately, because I am using boring old metal ones for this and I am HATING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I'm becoming a needle snob. Soon I'll be rivaling Kathy... or maybe not, she could open a store with all those needles.

Today I picked up this little gem for a bargain $15. You select the body that you want, then the bottom half of the book is split so you can match the corresponding arm (raglan, drop etc. There's a little icon that tells you what would match) and then same for the neckline. It looks like heaps of fun.

Oh and I am just IN LOVE WITH this from Stefanie, isn't it just divine?

Off to watch the saga... and hopefully enough time for some Trek (because I might have to watch something worthwhile if the saga doesn't come up to scratch) (again with the snickering out there, I know you are all Trekkies/Trekkers too) (and how sad it that I know there's a difference...)


Blogger Rachael said...

Now whose stalking who? hehe. I made the cozy last year and I swear by it's heat keeping abilites, how it's still warm after 10 hours! I'm knitting Parker a jumper out of the khaki Clinker, I snagged a load of it at the last big sale for 50% off! (white, it'll be dyed...)

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